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About The Author

Dan McAvinchey is a composer/guitarist living in Raleigh, NC.

He believes every musician or composer has the power to release their own record.


His CD release on Guitar Nine was entitled "Guitar Haus".

Please direct all comments and suggestions for future columns to Dan McAvinchey.

© Dan McAvinchey

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Books for Home and Project Studio Recording

Short of quitting your job and attending one of the many fine recording schools around the country, the best way to get a handle on modern recording techniques and how to apply them to your recording project is to read up on everything you can find on the subject. After that, nothing beats hands-on application of what you've learned followed by creative experimentation (after you've learned the rules, the next step is to break as many as possible).

A lot of what goes on in the studio can be confusing at first, and not many of us have friends who also happen to be recording engineers. Good books on recording, while tough to find, can be an affordable introduction to the process of making records. You may also simply have a strong desire to learn a little more about what goes on in the control room of a commercial studio. Following are reviews of several excellent books on the subjects of studio recording, studio construction, MIDI, and home recording. Good luck!

Note: All books reviewed may be purchased through our association with Amazon.com Books -- simply click on the book cover to order.


The Art of Mixing

By: David Gibson

Appropriately subtitled, "A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production", The Art of Mixing from the Mix Pro Audio Series uses visual representations of imaging (the sound between a pair of speakers) to explain and show how to mix every style of music in the world, from heavy metal to big band, and from jazz to hip-hop. Gibson visually explains how to deliver a number of popular effects within a mix. It's all a part of helping you understand how you can create better mixes for your home or project studio recording. Mix Bookshelf, ©1997, 144 pp.

Books also worth checking out:

  • The Recording Guitarist : The Essential Reference Guide For Home & Studio - Jon Chappell
    • The Recording Guitarist is a brand new, hot-of-the-presses guide to helping guitarists get the best tone possible on their recorded work. The Recording Guitarist will definately be required reading for home and project studio owners who need to get the most out of a modest setup.
  • The Art of Mixing : A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering and Production - David Gibson
    • The Art of Mixing is a brand-new treatment on the techniques and methods used to produce a great mix.
  • Digital Home Recording (Keyboard Music & Technology Series) - The Editors of Keyboard Magazine
    • Digital Home Recording provides detailed, reliable guidance for musicians who want to produce CD-quality recordings with their own digital gear. This how-to guide is ideal for musicians who are new to the complexities of digital recording, as well as for accomplished users who want to keep up with this fast-changing technology. 30 photos & 50 illustrations.
  • Hot Tips for the Home Recording Studio - Hank Linderman
    • Learn how to create a high-quality, professional-sounding demo at home with these useful and helpful pointers. Step-by-step advice on all aspects of the recording process, from essential preparations such as arrangement and sequencing to basic tracking, recording vocals, and the final mixdown. Includes discussions of equipment and technology considerations, as well as live recording; especially useful for songwriters who need to create effective demos.
  • Practical Recording Techniques - Bruce and Jeremy Bartlett
    • Non-professionals and beginning pros alike will find this the ideal guide to making impressive recordings in the home, studio, or on location. Provides the most up-to-date information on MIDI, SMPTE, digital-audio tape, audio for video, and the newest audio equipment. Packed with no-nonsense tips and techniques for the novice-to-intermediate recordist, Practical Recording includes chapters on signal processing, hum prevention, and location recording. Gives full coverage to monitoring, miking, MIDI, spoken word recording, synchronization, DAT, digital workstations, and mixing console operations. Perfect for project studio users and recording engineering classes.
  • Microphones : Technology and Technique - John Borwick
    • History, design, and operating principles of microphones, plus tons of practical advice on placement.
  • Musician's Guide to Home Recording : How to Make Great Recordings at Home - Peter McLan
    • Updated to include information on MIDI and digital recording. It also has sections on microphones, multitracks, the signal chain, consoles, recording techniques, cassette portastudios, mixdown techniques, and acoustics, plus chapters on recording each commonly used instrument and vocals.
  • The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide : How to Get the Best Possible Drum Tracks on Any Recording Project - Mark Huntly Parsons
    • One of several good books from the Hal Leonard Studio Series, this book addresses the many problems associated with getting great sounding drum tracks on recordings.
  • Recording the Guitar : Get a Great Sound Onto Tape - John Harris
    • Tips and techniques for the guitarist or engineer..

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