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We're Celebrating Our 19th Anniversary

Six Guest Columnists, Three New Interviews Featured In June

imgelcome to the June edition of Guitar Nine's on-line magazine. June of 1996 marked our entry into cyberspace, and after nineteen great years, Guitar Nine has become well known for providing a wide variety of free instructional material, news and information. To celebrate, six guest columnists have submitted nine excellent articles on a range of musical topics of interest to independent musicians. Also, please enjoy sampling some great music released by over 1000 musicians we've worked with over the past 19 years! Of note, over 200 musicians have written guest columns for this site since 1997.   More Info   Español

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Our June Issue Features
The Power To Release: Dan McAvinchey
"The Importance Of Now"
Guest Columnist: Mike Campese
"Flat Keys"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Seven Questions That Sabotage Your Guitar Teaching Success"
Guest Columnist: Dallas Dwight
"Working With Odd Meters"
Guest Columnist: Chris Glyde
"Fretboard Mastery"
Guest Columnist: Simon Candy
"Killer Ways To Totally Change The Way You Play Acoustic Guitar, Part 2"
Guest Columnist: Tommaso Zillio
"Metal Guitar 'Wrong Note' Playing Made Easy"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Making Fast Progress May Keep You From Becoming A Great Guitarist"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Enhance Your Playing Using John Petrucci's Style"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Pentatonic Aggression: The Secret To Playing Badass Blues Guitar Licks"
Dan McAvinchey
Interview with Lucas Fagundes
Dan McAvinchey
Interview with Dave Paris
Dan McAvinchey
Interview with Eliot Lewis
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ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN: EM is the premier resource for musicians interested in personal music production.

NEUMANN MICROPHONES: Superb professional studio reoording microphones from Germany.

JASON BECKER: One of the most influential instrumental guitarists to spring from the Shrapnel label.

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