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New Columns & Interviews Featured In Our Holiday Edition

Enjoy Seven New Columns And Three Artist Interviews

imgelcome to the December holiday edition of the Guitar Nine on-line magazine. Blues progressions and sweeping arpeggios are just two of the subjects found in this issue, giving guitarists more ideas for growth and improvement. In total, four guest columnists have submitted seven brand new articles on a range of musical topics of interest to practicing musicians. Be sure to open and enjoy a seasonal beverage, while sampling some great music released by over 1000 musicians we've worked with over the past 18 years! Remarkably, over 190 musicians have written guest columns for this site since 1997.   More Info   Español

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Our December Issue Features
The Power To Release: Dan McAvinchey
"Self-Release Q&A, Chapter 2"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Secrets To Achieving Great Success As A Guitar Teacher"
Guest Columnist: Mike Campese
"Sweeping Arpeggios"
Guest Columnist: Simon Candy
"5 Killer Ways To Totally Change The Way You Play Acoustic Guitar, Part 1"
Guest Columnist: Tommaso Zillio
"Blues Progressions And Tritone Substitutions"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Why You Should Forget About Most Common Guitar Teacher Advice"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"How To Play Kick Ass Guitar Licks Quickly And Easily, Part 1"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"How To Turn Average Lead Guitar Licks Into Awesome Guitar Licks"
Dan McAvinchey
Interview with Ariel Eshcar
Dan McAvinchey
Interview with Stus Rollins
Dan McAvinchey
Interview with Adam Law
The Rediscovered for December-January
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