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ROCKtober Is Instrumental Guitar Month

Eleventh Annual Tribute To Instrumental Guitarists And Bands Worldwide

imgelcome to the October edition of the Guitar Nine on-line magazine, and we're celebrating the 11th annual Instrumental Guitar Month, a great time to remember, support, discover, promote, and celebrate the many practitioners of this near-underground musical sub-genre. Tell a friend, open a seasonal beverage and enjoy some great music! Shred techniques, Chet Atkins-style playing and teaching guitar are just three of the subjects found in this issue, giving guitarists more ideas for growth and improvement. In total, seven new featured articles have been submitted on a range of musical topics of interest to practicing musicians. Remarkably, over 200 musicians have written guest columns for this site since 1997.   More Info   Español

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Our October Issue Features
The Power To Release: Dan McAvinchey
"Self-Release Q&A, Chapter 1"
Guest Columnist: Mike Campese
"Shredding With Position Shifts"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Why Some Guitar Teachers Are More Successful Than Everyone Else"
Guest Columnist: Simon Candy
"Awesome Guitar Techniques In The Style Of Chet Atkins"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"Why You Aren't Beating The Guitar Teaching Competition In Your City"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"The Four Worst Fears Of Guitar Players"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"The Worst Questions To Ask About Building A Music Career"
Guest Columnist: Tom Hess
"How To Practice Guitar More Effectively And Eliminate Mistakes"
Dan McAvinchey
Interview with Marcelo Roascio
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