Al DiMeola "Splendido Hotel"

Al DiMeola "Splendido Hotel"

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Al DiMeola
Splendido Hotel
The Story
"Splendido Hotel", which was originally a double album on vinyl, features eleven DiMeola cuts, many of which showcase the more reflective, soulful side of his playing. Chick Corea makes a guest appearance on several numbers, and even the legendary Les Paul contribtues guitar to Bert Kaempert's "Spanish Eyes". Most of the music works very well and it shows that DiMeola (renowned for his blindingly fast fusion solos) is unmistakably a well-rounded and versatile musician. Highlights on "Splendido Hotel" include "Alien Chase On Arabian Desert" and "Dinner Music Of The Gods".
The Music
08:56 Alien Chase On Arabian Desert Instrumental
07:35 Silent Story In Her Eyes ** Instrumental
04:43 Roller Jubilee * Instrumental
04:14 Two To Tango * Instrumental
06:48 Al Di's Dream Theme ** Instrumental
08:34 Dinner Music Of The Gods ** Instrumental
04:51 Splendido Sundance * Instrumental
03:59 I Can Tell Vocal
05:10 Spanish Eyes ** Instrumental
11:34 Isfahan * Vocal
01:55 Bianca's Midnight Lullaby * Instrumental
    * Acoustic
    ** Acoustic/Electric
The Artists
Al DiMeola Electric Guitar, Mando-Cello, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Celeste, Fylde Acoustic Guitar, Ovation Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Castanets, Production, Flyde Mando-Cello, Album Concept, Direction
Philippe Saisse Keyboards, Marimba, Moog Bass, Background Vocals
Robbie Gonzalez Drums
Tim Landers Bass Guitar, Bass String Snaps
Eddie Colon Percussion
Chick Corea Acoustic Piano
Anthony Jackson Bass Guitar
Mingo Lewis Congas, Bongos, Syndrum, Percussion, Syndrum Bomb
Peter Cannarozzi Oberheim
Steve Gadd Drums
Jan Hammer Moog Solo on "Al Di's Dream Theme"
Les Paul Electric Guitar on "Spanish Eyes"
David Campbell Violin
Carol Shive Viola
Dennis Karmzyn Cello
Raymond J. Kelley Cello
Dave Palmer Engineering, Associate Production
Bernie Kirsch Engineering
Philip Roberge Executive Production
Michael Pinchuk Studio Assistance
Barry Magaliff Studio Assistance
Joel Cohen Studio Assistance
Stan Kalina Mastering
Phil Ramone Mixing on "I Can Tell"
Bradshaw Leigh Associate Engineering
Paula Scher Album Design
Ron Fuchino Album Set Designer
Bill King Cover Photography
Album recorded at CBS Recording Studios, New York City except "Dinner Music Of The Gods" recorded at Eletric Lady Studios, New York City and "Isfahan" recorded at Love Castle Studios, Los Angeles.

"I Can Tell" mixed at A&R Recording Studios, New York.

Mastered at CBS Recording Studios, N.Y. on the CBS Discomputer TM System.

Intro on "Isfahan" by the Columbia Boychoir.