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"Prowling the Web a bit and came across Guitar Nine and your columns, "Originality.." and "Instrumental Recording.." and wanted to say a big "Amen!" especially to the first one. I'm a minority (female guitarist) and have always been a maverick on the originality thing, so your article was a joy to read. (I always seemed to get more from reading Satriani's press kit and discovering the creative approach to just the way he looked at the guitar, than I ever did figuring out one of his solos). I worked in the journalism end of the Christian rock market for a few years, so I appreciated your writing style as well as musical insights."
-- Christy E. Arnold
"While surfing this morning, I found your E-zine! Too cool!"
-- Chad Austin, Secret World Records
"This thank you is long over due. There is no other company like yours. For example, I ordered 3 Gongzilla CD's. Guitarnine discerned my taste and sent me a promo CD Common Ground. This act was just simply nice. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and also I have just ordered Common Ground's 2nd CD. Next, Guitarnine's Newsletter is excellent. Keep up the good work. Also the fact that you can hear samples of so many artists that normally the average person would never get to hear. The services you provide are unique and greatly appreciated."
-- Owen Banks, Satisfied Customer
"Just read your article on Give/Take (co-operation). I really like your attitude. A lot of people I know become focused on their own path to the exclusion of everything and everyone else. It is refreshing to hear you perspective. Take care and keep up the good work."
-- Derek Berg
"I was visiting your site and I found the Guitar Nine Home Page very nice. You have my sincere compliments."
-- Marco Bazzotti, The Italian JUST classical GUITAR
"This is the best web site for guitarists I have found...Being an OLD rocker I have played with a lot of equipment and recorded a lot of music...You article was a breath of fresh air... I look forward to more."
-- Tony Benci
"Your site really looks great. The articles are very informative, the graphics are smooth, and you've managed to find some very useful links to give your readers. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into this project, and it shows."
-- Matt Berlin, 23rd Hour
"Just had another look at your Guitar9 site. Absolutely awesome. What you are doing is very exciting indeed. I'm doing a CD myself as well as developing my own site but yours is a masterpiece."
-- Ivan Bertolla
"It seemed like almost god sent to read your articles. It gave me a boost in my morale department."
-- Steve Bickham
"We feel that Guitar Nine is an important part of the campaign to widen the public's awareness of and access to instrumental guitar-oriented music. My sincere appreciation goes out to you and your Guitar Nine web site for several significant reasons: It helps us locate and purchase many of the new, hard-to-find CDs released by this genre of artists; you provide an additional plethora of information that is sure to aid all artists that passionately pursue the reproduction and release of their songs; basically all our favorite CDs are available right from your very guitar-fan friendly site, so we can rest assured that the new releases will be available here as soon as the artists provide you with them. Galactic Gratitudes!"
-- Scott Bishop, Bishop Enterprises
"Are You "Worthy"? What a great column! Thanks for the additonal inspiration."
-- Greg Boone
"Your column on preparing for a CD was great. I love your site!"
-- Matt Brabender, Frenetic Music
"I run a Web site called "West Coast Musicians Online", dedicated to independent musicians. I find your site contains substantial resources for musicians (guitarists in particular) and I plan on linking to your page from my page of links."
-- Aaron Calhoun
"I can't thank you guys enough for reviewing and keeping the Sons of Infinity CD up on the Undiscovered Artists page. We have sold dozens of copies all over the world because of your site. We sell about two a week and they get to us through you guys. I have been spreading the word about your site and it gets great reviews from friends. Thanks again. We hope you continue to keep it up because it is working very well."
-- Tom Cavanagh, The Sons of Infinity
"All I have to say is WOW! Great site! I just read your article called "Completing Your Release In Your Life Time" and you know what? I could not agree more. In fact your philosophy applies pretty much to all circumstances in life. Nice to know there are people out there who believe that if you want it done right, do it yourself!"
-- Robert Cheyenne
"This is the best guitar site on the web. Great job! This rox!"
-- Chuckitmilk
"I checked out your site, and it is really GREAT! I'll be adding a link to your pages ASAP."
-- Dan Coy
"This is one of the nicest and well-informed sites I've found for guitar players. The articles are well written and the audio examples are very helpful. Good luck and keep up the good work!"
-- Tom Cummings, National Audio Video
"Dude..excellent article regarding the strategies of new, unsigned bands I found on the Guitar Nine page..I really appreciate your advice."
-- Dave, Sin Limo
"Hi from England, Brilliant site - thanks. I've already benefited from the lessons columns, etc."
-- Helen Gibson Davies
"I was on your page a few minutes ago. I think is very good. I don't know English very well but I try. Your page has a very interesting things which I can use with my music."
-- Juan Matias de la Camara
"I have visited your site. I was quite impressed. Finally I found a place where they teach different skills not just songs. This will (hopefully) improve my skills."
-- Robert Denis
"Nice site!!! Good to see the guitar is still alive!"
-- Bobby DeVito, Lvx Nova
"Rec'd order today. FAST great service. First time buyer VERY pleased. Cute magnet. Nice touch! Now if there were only a drummer9.com! LOL!"
-- Randy Duncan
"I've visited your website (put it on my favorites list) and downloaded a couple of your articles. I've very little time to browse the web, but when I get time, I intend to visit your site. Thanks for all the helpful articles and resources. I'm recommending them to people I know who are interested in recording their music."
-- Steve Eads, Gideon Ministries
"Man is that good! I must say that the stuff you did is outstanding! Thank you so much for the glossary. This is the best web site I've ever seen."
-- John Elliot
"I maintain the main Allan Holdsworth fan site, and I have decided to link to your web. You have a great shop. Please keep up the great work."
-- Olivier Feuillerat
"First of all 10000000 of thanks for all links...keep this excelent site alive for us hungry dideli-dideli players and also for uli-uli players."
-- John Forssen
"Thank you for the kind words in your review (The Influence) of our CD you did back in June/July.and the service you have provided on the web. You have a way fun and informative web site."
-- J. Neil Freeman, The Influence
"Just wanted to let you know that I appreciated and, I believe, benefited from reading your articles on the Guitar Nine web site. "Completing Your Release In Your Lifetime" was especially enjoyable, particularly given recent circumstances in my own musical life."
-- Michael Futreal, Offramp
"You have a lot of helpful information in your articles. I appreciate all the knowledge and experience you pass on through them. You have saved me a good amount of time through your advice. Let me know when you issue more articles. Thank you."
-- Ron Galan
"I am writing to let you know that I enjoy your web page very much. It's good to see a site dedicated to guitarists who want to improve."
-- Mike Gallagher
"Just wanted to say thanks for giving all of us guitarists out here such a great page like "Guitar Nine" to go to for all of the latest and best guitar info on the planet."
-- Andy Garrett
"Hey, very very nice. I like it."
-- Scott R. Garrigus
"I just stumbled onto the Guitar Nine website today. It may be one of the best things that has happened to me, musically speaking. I'll be graduating with a BA in music soon, so I've gotta figure out what to do with it. Your columns are informative, but more importantly, they are inspirational. I believe now that music is a good career and that my individual creativity deserves to have an outlet."
-- Sean Gill
"My compliments on an excellent site, from a fellow self-publishing DIY muso-businessman. The content is excellent, your writing is lucid and pointed, and the technical layout and implementation of the site is superb. If your music is anywhere near as good as your publishing skills, I'm sure its well worth the price!"
-- Curtis Guilbot
"Your pages really show tremendous work. I am really amazed! This is going to be a great resource for guitar/music aficionados. Your site has information that can really helps people."
-- Roger Hardee, Shadowood Software
"My complements for an excellent online magazine. The articles are wonderful, especially the one on self-releasing. Keep up the great work with a wonderful page."
-- David W. Peterson Harvey
"Hi! I read your article about releasing your own music. Highly inspiring I must say. Very good ideas. My band and I have, after having read your column, started to make the initial plans for our first CD, which will be released in Stockholm in May. We suddenly realized it's so easy. Thanks again, keep up the good work!"
-- Juhani Hemmil, Sweden
"Guitar Nine is a great site."
-- Curtis Hewston
"My stumbling upon your web site couldn't have come at a better time in my life. I had been feeling down about the seemingly endless road ahead of me as an independent musican, until I read "Completing your own release...". Even though many of the topics you hit on I have had to learn myself through trial and error, the article helped me to remember the reasons I started doing this in the first place. I love music! Thanks for a needed shot of encouragement!"
-- Scott A. Hildner, Airquake Records
"I've never seen the big deal of "surfin' the net" but it's sites like Guitar Nine that are changing my mind. Thanks."
-- Danny Hiller
"I admire your efforts to encourage people like me - it means so much. It was the initial exposure that you gave me by selecting me as an Undiscovered Artist that made all of this possible. I quote from your review at the beginning of my page on CD Baby, and String Jazz was so impressed by that page that they offered me a contract before they even had a copy of the CD in hand (I had never even heard of them until they contacted me). So keep encouraging people to believe in themselves and do the work necessary to produce their own music - you're performing an invaluable service to people like me all over the world."
-- Paul Hosford
"I've gotten close to a dozen requests for demos and CD info as a result of being featured on your site. I think you're doing independent artists a great service, and wish you continued success in the future! Thanks for all the help and support!"
-- Scott Hughes, featured in the July, 1997 issue of Guitar Player
"Great job you guys. What a wonderful selection of great music that doesn't have the benefit or the curse of a large company supporting them Also, music that no one else has. I was a bit skeptical with my first order, but you came through with flying colors. I will spread the word."
-- Brian
"Far out dude...:-) We love new sites!!! I just checked it out...and it's pretty neat."
-- Anthony Huvard
"I really enjoy your website. I'm one of many who is trying to complete a CD. Your information is very helpful. Keep up the good work!"
-- Jeffrey James
"I am not involved in music in any way, but I read a few of your articles and I just have to tell you that you write with such intense meaning. I have personally benefited from the articles written about confidence. I felt as though you were writing to me. I am glad that I found your place on the net, because now I harbor a different perspective."
-- Jennifer, XMistress
"I just wanted to let you know how interesting and informative I thought your column was on writing songs without the use of an instrument."
-- Seth Johnson
"Your website and service are worthy of a five gold star rating. The site is structured comprehensively and thus it is easy to navigate and to then order. Customers can be confident that orders from you are secure. My last order on the 23 Aug, came through my letter box on Wednesday the 27th. Quite remarkable, a distance of over 3000 miles plus the fact that this Monday in the UK was a Public Holiday."
-- Robert Johnston
"Mega thanks for helping support small independent labels like ours!"
-- G.J. Kelley, Cheytown Records
"I'm impressed! I found your site today, and wanted you to know how useful I think it is. Keep up the great work."
-- Chris Knab
"I really enjoyed your web site it has given me a lot of information. I am in the process of producing and recording my first album. I want to start my own indie label and have looked around for information on this subject. Your articles are very informative and helpful. Again let me say thank you for creating a very helpful web site."
-- Phyllis Leonard
"I can't tell you how glad I am that I stumbled upon your fabulous site. By way of a fusion station on Live365.com, which I also recently discovered, I was led to your site while searching for some of these artist's CDs. I just purchased several and there are plenty more I want. Good music is out there but you have to search for it 'cause it ain't on the radio. I have been a fan of (guitar oriented) fusion music since the early seventies. It's great that there are people out there keeping this music alive and thriving. Groove on!"
-- Dan Marks
"I'm just writing to thank you guys for providing such great service and for stocking so many excellent titles. I placed my order on Friday and had it by Monday- killer turnaround! I'm definitely going to recommend you guys to my fellow fusion-heads. You put other online dealers to shame."
-- Shane McDaniel
"I really appreciated your article "Instrumental Songwriting for Guitarists - The Process". I also feel the need for structure in putting down my ideas for songs. It's surprising how fast a demo can come together when you have a plan to work from. Thanks for a great article and I hope you continue to share your ideas with us."
-- Tom Messina
"I am a solo instrumental acoustic guitarist who is currently in the process of recording my first CD. I found your article on the internet and must say I was reduced to a quivering mass of tears after reading it! In fact, I'm going to print it out when I get home so my wife can read it and understand my obsession. Thank you very much for a highly informative, and better yet, a highly inspirational article. I will be reading more of your works, I'm sure."
-- Franklin Moore, Winston-Salem
"Love Guitar Nine site, contains a lot of excellent material and advice."
-- John Pin, Australia
"Your's is a nice-looking page with some unique information and services. We'll be proud to be listed as a link among such fine company."
-- Steve Rekas, Mel Bay
"My name is Joe and I'm a 43 y/o guitar player located in the Chicago area. I was out cruising the net for info on sites that pertain to guitarist when I ran across Guitar Nine. After paging through your site I ran across your article "Thinking Long Term"...what a straight to the heart, soul inspiring piece of journalism. To many musicians throw in the towel before it's wet with sweat! The insight that your story shares could apply to any profession. I myself am a self motivated, goal orientated entrepreneur / inventor who immediately related to the message you are sending. Don't give up, plan, visualize and pursue with a vengeance your dream."
-- Joe Roberts
"You hit me like a two ton...heavy thing. Your piece on the net is very encouraging."
-- Ross
"I wanted to thank you once again for the feature on Guitar 9's bi-monthly online magazine! I have received numerous replies including requests for cassettes and press kits for magazines wanting to do reviews! What a mood lifter!"
-- Victor Sabula
"I checked it your site, and liked it ... a LOT... I've put a link on my page to it (from the Guitar Freak's Home Page), and frequent it now."
-- Scott
"Just thought i'd send a note saying what a great servive i have received from guitar9 on the times i have ordered cd's from you.The ordering process is really easy and feedback from you as to the development of my orders is always received promptly. As a massive guitar/instrumental guitar fan this site is the best i've come across, you have plenty of amazing guitarists registered to your site."
-- Phil Shilson, United Kingdom
"I just want to say thanks for being such a great site. You are hands down the best music site I have ever been to. Guitar Nine is easy to use, full of information, has great sound bites, and is extremely professional. My search is finally over."
-- Lisa Sims
"Unbelieveable! I read your columns at work and they nearly brought tears to my eyes. I'm 36, I played guitar and bass and sang on the road for 13 years, I've been writing songs since I was 12 (haven't finished more than about 50 though), and I haven't released a single thing. I've played my songs out live in many places including Greenwich Village in New York and gotten good responses, (which I know doesn't necessarily mean that the song is good), but I've still never finished a project on tape. Or when I did actually finish something, about 2 or 3 songs, I hated them. Well, with the inspiration that you've given me, I'm going to release a CD. I've used your plan outline from the column, "The Power to Release", to outline my plan and have come up with a release date of June 2, 1997. Just commiting it to paper is a powerful thing. Even if I fall short and don't release till July or August, I'll be a lot further along than I am now. And without the plan, I may have continued on like I have for the last twenty years, nowhere. Thanks so much for taking the time to put your thoughts down and get your own web site. I really felt like you were talking directly to me."
-- Jeff Spencer
"I have been reading through your articles on Guitar Nine's site, and I am glad I came across them, if I hadn't, we (my band) would not be going forward with our careers! Thanks again for the inspiring words!"
-- Rick Sweeney-Lead Guitarist for Chaos Underground
"Just happened over your articles at Guitar Nine and I have to say you are soooo in tune with your topics it's scary. Very inspirational, very realistic and most of all very perceptive. Your articles really bring together a lot of ideas put forth by some of the major motivators I've read including Tony Robbins, Dr. Scott Peck, Deepok Chopra and I'm sure a lot of others. But the great thing for me, being a musician, is that you relate them to the wonderful goal of self producing a testament of a point in our musical life...a recording. Your statement about 'even 15-30 minutes' of attention toward our goal is also right on the mark. So, this is a big thank you for your time and consideration for writing these fine articles."
-- Jeff Taylor
"Nice page!"
-- Marcus 'Blues' Taylor
"Guitar Nine is a great site - I especially enjoyed the articles on recording guitar sounds, and starting a label."
-- Ron Thal, Shrapnel recording artist
"Just writing to thank you for getting the CDs that I ordered to me so quickly. You have great service. I love your site, and I'm thankful that you guys are out there. On another note, I just wanted to let you know that I proudly wear the Guitar9 T-shirt on stage at my gigs. Just had another gig last Saturday, and I had people ask me about what the T-shirt is all about."
-- Rob Valente
"Just wanted to say "GREAT BIG THANK YOU" for providing a service to us "starving artists". Keep up the good work."
-- Paul Watson
"We really liked your website."
-- Mark Wingfield, Progression
"I've just spent the better part of my day browsing your web-site. I must say it has been time well spent. I will soon be beginning my own album project and have found your site very informative as well as positively enlightening. The attitude of your columns is right on the money."
-- Steve Wood, Pam Tillis Band
"I really want to thank you. You don't how much your articles helped me, technically AND mentally speaking. Keep up with the great work!"
-- Xtof
"I want to complement you on the extremely professional image your company projects. You have the right idea and a grand vision. Keep it up and thanks for everything."
-- Tony Young
"I just checked out the page and I love it!!! It is great and I want you to please let me know where I can fit in with this thing."
-- Neil Zaza, Recording artist

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