Books Books Books!

Frequently my guitar students ask me what books I used to learn from. So for those and other inquiring minds, here's a list of books I found most helpful in my never ending search for knowledge:

"A Modern Method For Guitar Vol. 1 & 2" by William Leavitt
(Berklee Press Pub. / Hal Leonard Pub. Corp.)

Not for the "casual" student, these books really zip along and will turn you into a first class sight-reader!

"Scales For Jazz Improvisation" by Dan Haerle
(PR Publications)

This book covers the modes of the major and ascending melodic minor scales and much more. It's an old book however and may be hard to find.

"Guitar Improvising" by Vincent Bredice
(Mel Bay Publications)

Another great book which covers scales, arpeggios, picking studies and sight reading and of course...improvising!

"Chord Chemistry" by Ted Greene
(Belwin Mills Publishing)

This book is a "must have"...the greatest and most original chord book I've ever seen. Ask Steve Vai and he'd agree!

Also, here's some books I use for general guitar instruction:

"Berklee Basic Guitar Phase 1 & 2" by William Leavitt
(Berklee Press Pub. / Hal Leonard Pub. Corp.)

Not nearly as complex as the above-mentioned Berklee books, I use them for beginners and students that aren't exactly "career minded."

"Classic Guitar Technique Vol. 1 & 2" by Aaron Shearer
(Belwin Mills Publishing)

I use these books for all my classical guitar students. From sight-reading to nail care it's all here!

Greigg Fraser is a guitarist and recording artist from Ontario, Canada who produces totally original instrumental compositions melding both clean and tortured, distorted rock guitar with fusion, new age and pop overtones.

His latest CD is entitled "Under The Radar".

Greigg Fraser