Brand X "Product"

Brand X "Product"

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Brand X
The Story
Considered by many critics to be their finest effort, the group's 1979 release, "Product", gave instrumental fans a jolt with the inclusion of two Phil Collins vocal numbers ("Soho", "Don't Make Waves") - blatent attempts to expand the audience by melding pop with fusion. However, the instrumental tracks dominate and continue the brilliant musicianship established by Brand X's first few studio albums. Goodsall manages to fit plenty of furious fusion guitar into the CD's nine tracks, and even fans of bass guitar will love the attention paid to the low end (check out Peter Jones' intro to "Not Good Enough - See Me!"). Essential Brand X.
The Music
05:31 Don't Make Waves Vocal
07:49 Dance Of The Illegal Aliens Instrumental
03:40 Soho Vocal
07:29 Not Good Enough - See Me! Instrumental
06:08 A;gon (Where An Ordinary Cup Of... Instrumental
04:00 Rhesus Perplexus Instrumental
03:14 Wal To Wal Instrumental
06:28 ...And So To F... Instrumental
02:08 April Instrumental
The Artists
John Goodsall Guitars, Vocals, Production
Mike Clarke Drums, Production
Phil Collins Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Production, Engineering on "Soho" and "Wal To Wal"
John Giblin Basses, Production, Photography of Mick Clarke
Robin Lumley Keyboards, Gunfire, Chainsaw, Production
Peter Robinson Keyboards, Gunfire, Vocals
Peter Jones Basses
Colin Wren Engineering
Neil Kernon Engineering, Remix Engineering, Production
Richard Austin Remix Engineering
Colin Green Remix Engineering, Production
Reno Ruocco Remix Engineering
Ray Staff Mastering
Colin Elgie Sleeve Design, Graphics
Paul Canty Photography of Morris and Peter
Recorded at Startling Studio, Ascot, England, April, 1979.

Remxed at Farmyard Studios, Trident and Startling, June/July 1979.

"Soho", "Wal To Wal" recorded at Old Croft, Surrey.

Sleeve design - Hipgnosis/Elgie.

Photos by Hipgnosis.