Eric Johnson "Venus Isle"

Eric Johnson "Venus Isle"

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Eric Johnson
Venus Isle
The Story
"Venus Isle" is another of guitarist Eric Johnson's semi-instrumental releases, although this CD is quite a bit more mellow than either of Johnson's two previous records, "Tones" and "Ah Via Musicom". The Austin-based guitarist still manages to include his trademark jazzy grooves, bluesy fret runs, and fusion and progressive influenced song structures. "Venus Isle" highlights include all the instrumentals, particularly "S.R.V." and "Manhattan".
The Music
05:28 Venus Isle Vocal
05:58 Battle We Have Won Vocal
08:20 All About You Vocal
03:01 S.R.V. Instrumental
06:03 Lonely In The Night Vocal
04:50 Manhattan Instrumental
05:15 Camel's Night Out Instrumental
04:53 Song For Lynette Instrumental
07:53 When The Sun Meets The Sky Vocal
05:02 Pavilion Instrumental
01:29 Venus Reprise Instrumental
The Artists
Eric Johnson Guitars, Vocals, Acoustic Piano, Lap Steel, Guitar Synthesizer, Classical Guitar, Production, Additional Engineering, Arrangement
Tommy Taylor Drums, Percussion, Arrangement
Steve Barber Synthesizer, Hammond B3 Organ, String Arrangements, Arrangement
Kyle Brock Bass, Arrangement
Amit Chatterjee Vocals
Roscoe Beck Bass, Additional Engineering
James Fenner Percussion
Christopher Cross Vocals
Chris Searles Percussion
Jimmie Vaughan Guest Guitar Solo
Richard Kilmer Strings
Bruce Williams Strings
Jennifer Bourianoff Strings
Anthony Stogner Strings
Bill Maddox Drums, Additional Engineering
Scott McIntosh Trumpet
Vince Mariani Arrangement, EJ Lettering on CD
Joe Priesnitz Management
Wayne Forte Bookingg
Max Crace Photography, Design, Illustration, Digital Imaging
Richard Mullen Production, Engineering, Mixing
Gay Crace Model
John Fannin Additional Engineering
Etheridge Hill Additional Engineering
Malcolm Harper Additional Engineering
John Aguto Additional Engineering
Jeff Poe Additional Engineering
Stuart Sullivan Additional Engineering
Mark Hallman Additional Engineering
John Moran Additional Engineering
James Hoover Additional Engineering
Bill Johnson Studio Technician
Terry McGuire Studio Technician
Duncan Black Studio Technician
Greg Klinginsmith Studio Technician
Larry Greenhill Studio Technician
Daryl Dunn Digital Sampling
Rail Rogut ProTools Editing
Jeff DeMorris Mixing Assistance
Jim Champagne Mixing Assistance
Brad Haehnel Mixing Assistance
Allen Sides Mixing Assistance
Bernie Grundman Mastering
Jimmy McKeever Mastering Assistance
Recorded at Saucer Studios, Austin, Texas in association with Larry Telford Digital.

Additional recording at A&M Studios, Arlyn Studios, Digital Services Recording, Rocket Ranch, and Reelsound Recording.

Mixed at Ocean Way Recording and Record One.

Masterd at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood.

Photography by Park Street.

Executive production by Cinema Records, Inc.