Gambale, Hamm & Smith "Show Me What You Can Do"

Gambale, Hamm & Smith "Show Me What You Can Do"

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Gambale, Hamm & Smith
Show Me What You Can Do
The Story
What happens when you throw three virtuosos together in a room and tell them to create something that showcases their abilities and is also interesting to listen to? Tone Center Records found out when they commissioned the fiery Aussie guitarist Frank Gambale, bass monster Stuart Hamm and drum god Steve Smith for the self-explanatory "Show Me What You Can Do". The result is a power trio album of tremendous strength and envelope-pushing musical madness. From the thunderous opening of "Bad Intent," it's obvious these boys didn't waste time getting to the good stuff. The testosterone is flowing heavily into the driving groove of "The Promise" as Gambale's piercing guitar surfs over Smith and Hamm's relentless pounding. Later, things take a on somewhat lighter shade on the slinky "Sink", until a powerful drum intro by Smith leads into a driving chops-fest known as "Wrong And Strong". Downshifting into low gear, the expressive "Tanya's Touch" is proof that these guys aren't just about technical facility. Finally, the trio pulls off a lightning fast swing pace on "Lydia's Love Van". Warning: take your vitamins for this one. Only the strong will survive!
The Music
07:03 Bad Intent Instrumental
05:39 The Promise Instrumental
06:39 Dangerous Curves Instrumental
06:32 Beyond The Bridge Instrumental
04:33 Sink Instrumental
06:12 Wrong And Strong Instrumental
05:42 Astral Traveler Instrumental
05:28 Tanya's Touch Instrumental
09:43 Lydia's Love Van Instrumental
The Artists
Frank Gambale Guitar, Production
Stuart Hamm Bass, Production
Steve Smith Drums, Production
Wally Buck Engineering
James Murphy Engineering
T.J. Helmerich Mixing
Scott Hull Mastering
John Waxman Legal Work
Dave Stephens Graphic Design
Pat Johnson Photography
Composed, arranged, rehearsed and recorded at Neverland Studio, Marin County, CA.

Mixed at HAM Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Mixing assistance by T.J.'s students.

Mastered at Masterdisk, NYC.