Gary Hoey "The Endless Summer II"

Gary Hoey "The Endless Summer II"

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Gary Hoey
The Endless Summer II
The Story
"The Endless Summer II" is a great surfer album (even if it varies significantly from any semblance to traditional 'surf' music), full of great rock and hard rock instrumental guitar work by Gary Hoey, and a track with surf guitar king Dick Dale, "Shake & Stomp (Part II)". Hoey has filled the CD with tunes of differing feels, from the ska treatment of "Theme From Endless Summer" to the funky blues of "Sweet Water" to the '70s guitar sound of "Pipe". "The Endless Summer II" also features another excellent Hoey cover tune, "Low Rider". The entire CD was recorded in 12 days, start to finish!
The Music
03:54 Riptide Instrumental
04:05 Blast Instrumental
04:11 Sweet Water Instrumental
04:20 Low Rider Instrumental
03:10 Walkin' The Nose Instrumental
03:15 Drive Instrumental
04:08 La Rosa Negra Instrumental
03:36 Linus And Lucy Instrumental
03:10 Surfdoggin' Instrumental
03:38 Pipe Instrumental
02:47 Shake & Stomp (Part II) Instrumental
03:37 Theme From The Endless Summer Instrumental
04:09 Escape Instrumental
03:17 The Deep Instrumental
The Artists
Gary Hoey Guitars, Production
Dick Dale Guitar on "Shake And Stomp (Part II)"
Tony Franklin Bass
Gregg Bissonette Drums
Bud Shank Saxophone
Poncho Sanchez Percussion
Ramon Banda Percussion
Mark LeVang Keyboards
Ron Eglit Bass on "Shake And Stomp (Part II)"
David Haynes Drums on "Shake And Stomp (Part II)"
Dave Kaplan Production, Management
Jean-Marie Horvat Associate Production, Engineering, Mixing
Roberta Petersen Executive Production
Joel Sill Executive Production
Lonnie Sill Executive Production
Jeff Hendrickson Tracking Engineering
Mike Ainsworth Engineering Assistance
Manny Marroquin Engineering Assistance
Scott Sebring Engineering Assistance
David Dill Engineering on "Shake And Stomp (Part II)"
Toby Emmerich Executive in Charge of Music for New Line Cinema
Niels Schroeter Management, Production (and Everything Else) Coordination
Terie Ramsey Unbelievable First-Class Assistance
Marylou Eales Film Music Coordination (and Canuck)
Bernie Grundman Mastering
Laurie Soriano Legal Representation
Lawrence Rudolph Business Management
Dan Weiner Booking
Kim Champagne Art Direction
Katherine Delaney Design
F. Scott Schafer Photography
All songs written by Gary Hoey except "Low Rider" (Sylvester Allen/Harold Ray Brown/Morris Dickerson/Leroy Jordan/Lee Oskar/Charles Miller/Howard Scott), "Linus And Lucy" (Vince Guaraldi), "Theme From The Endless Summer" (Gaston Georis/John Blakely) and "Shake & Stomp (Part II)" (Dick Dale). Music By Gary Hoey.

Recorded at Track Record Studios, North Hollywood, CA and Red Zone Studios, Burbank, CA

In keeping with the Hoey tradition, this album was recorded in the 12 days from March 31-April 2 and April 4-12, 1994, in order to preserve the live feel. Hope you dig it!

Mixed at Enterprise Studios, Burbank, CA.

Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Film photography by New Line Cinema.