Guitar On YouTube: JTC Jam Tracks

From humble beginnings to inspiring millions of guitar players across the world, creates high quality and inspirational and instructional products for aspiring guitarists.

Their aim is to help guitarists become the best players they can be, and they do that with original content from the world’s greatest players. is affiliated with over 100 artists and offers nearly 2000 releases covering a wide range of genres and levels. Co-founded by guitarist Jan Cyrka and Adrian Clark in 2007, the web site is affiliated with many guitarists known to longtime Guitar Nine fans, such as Guthrie Govan, Prashant Aswani, Mattias Eklundh, Kiko Loureiro, Gianluca Ferro and Andy James, just to name a few.

The history of is built on unearthing new talent, inspiring players and producing content of a calibre far superior to anyone else.

This YouTube playlist features over 90 jam tracks in a wide variety of styles, such as Rock, Soul, Metal, Smooth Funk, Blues, Cinematic, Fusion, Country, Pop, Jazz... in short, something for everyone. Just grab your guitar and start embellishing their high quality backing tracks.


When you feel you've really mastered playing over all these grooves and styles, be sure to check out their videos where you can trade 4- and 8-bar solos with their artists, like this one, featuring Mika Tyyska.

Raise Your Game!