Guitar On YouTube: Thomas McRocklin Masterclass

Thomas McRocklin, is an English guitar player, music producer and mastering engineer. He just happened to be the child prodigy guitarist featured in Steve Vai's music video "The Audience is Listening". McRocklin was also the lead guitarist in Bad4Good, a band produced by Vai in 1991.

McRocklin started playing the guitar at the age of four, and by the time he was seven, he was already performing on stage,

McRocklin's instrumental retrospective CD "91 – 95" was a big seller on the Guitar Nine site for many years, and was promoted at the time as "One Young Man`s Instrumental Wizardry".

Thomas McRocklin's masterclass covers his track "New Beginnings" (B minor) in great detail. McRocklin offers many tips on rhythm playing and ideas for soloing over the chord changes to the track. He also advances ideas for overcoming pressure and stage fright, dialing in the proper amount of distortion, as well as delving into some of the building blocks of his tone. The lesson ends with McRocklin's amazing soloing over his backing tracks.