Guitar On YouTube: Will Ripley: Increase Your Pentatonic Speed

Will Ripley, a guitar instructor with, is a passionate guitarist and graduate of Berklee College Of Music’s Canadian Affiliate School, The Selkirk College. He has toured, performed and recorded with Grammy award winning musicians, and has shared the stage with members from bands such as Jethro Tull and David Bowie.

Ripley has appeared on MTV and national radio stations and as you can imagine, is one amazing guitarist. Guitar students love the way Will breaks it down his lessons and licks into easy and logical patterns, relieving frustration and avoiding technical dead ends.

This lesson finds Ripley delving deep into the world of the pentatonic scale, including an explanation of the CAGED system, equipping guitarists with the techniques and insights they needs to unlock their full potential as a guitarist. Step-by-step exercises and practical tips combine to build dexterity, precision, and confidence.

In addition to working with, Will has also as collaborated with well known guitar schools such as Guitar Control and JamPlay. Ripley truly puts his head, heart, and soul into his online guitar lessons.