Improve The Speed And Precision Of Your Picking Hand

As one can guess, accuracy is an important skill to have when wanting to play fast lines on the guitar. Though this is something many players struggle with.

These skills are a necessity if you are playing rhythm guitar in metal or rock music. To properly reach that bold sound, you must have confident string plucking technique.

I am going to give you an exercise that you can use to build a powerful picking hand. I will show you how to apply these exercises using a riff played by James Hetfield from Metallica. It will only take a few minutes to watch this video and start improving this aspect of your playing.

Tommaso Zillio is a professional prog rock/metal guitarist and composer based in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Tommaso is currently working on an instrumental CD, and an instructional series on fretboard visualization and exotic scales. He is your go-to guy for any and all music theory-related questions.

Tommaso Zillio