Jeff Watson "Lone Ranger"

Jeff Watson "Lone Ranger"

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Jeff Watson
Lone Ranger
The Story
Jeff Watson's first solo album after the breakup of Night Ranger, appeared on the Shrapnel label in 1992 under the clever title, "Lone Ranger". The CD is an all-instrumental affair, save some scat singing provided by Sammy Hagar on the all-out rocker "Cement Shoes". "Lone Ranger" is pure guitar heaven as Watson lets loose, pouring pure energy, emotion, and power out of his guitar and onto the eleven tracks. Watson lets his guitar (and eight of his ten fingers) do all the talking on songs like "Mountain Cathedral" and "Osaka Rocka", which provide all the proof that Jeff's reputation as an astounding guitar player is well deserved. Providing six-string support are Night Ranger bandmate Brad Gillis, fusion monster Allan Holdsworth and good friend Steve Morse. Also featured are drummers Steve Smith, Carmine Appice and Spike, along with Sparky (lead goat) and Zeus (lead and rhythm dog).
The Music
01:18 Mountain Cathedral Instrumental
04:20 Cement Shoes Instrumental
06:02 Forest Of Feeling Instrumental
03:54 Hi-Yo Silver Instrumental
01:02 Picnic Island Instrumental
03:23 Morris Minor Instrumental
02:41 Osaka Rocker Instrumental
04:43 Eco Chalet Instrumental
04:28 Talking Hands Instrumental
03:20 Pipe Dream Instrumental
03:03 Song For Rebecca Instrumental
The Artists
Jeff Watson Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Eight Finger Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Sax Sample, Slide Guitar, Strings, Voices, Production, Engineering
Brad Gillis Guest Guitar Solo
Allan Holdsworth Guitar
Steve Morse Guitar Solo
Brad Russell Bass, Plucked Upright Bass, Bowed Upright Bass
Randy Coven Bass
Bob Daisley Bass
David Sikes Bass
Steve Smith Drums
Carmine Appice Drums
Steve Machtinger Viola
Sammy Hagar Vocal Scats
Jerry Marquez Production, Engineering, Mixing
Curt Kroeger Computer, MIDI Mania
Steve Fontano Mixing
Mark Hutchins Engineering Assistance
Paul Stubblebine Mastering
Ray Olson Photography
Annie Calef Art Direction
Dave Stephens Art Direction
Recorded at Watson Forsey Recording, Mill Valley, CA.

Mixed at Alpha & Omega Studios, San Rafael, CA and Watson Forsey Recording, Mill Valley, CA.

Mastered at Rocket Lab, San Francisco, CA.

Additional drumming by Spike.

Intro growl and dog panting by Zeus. Chimes by front porch. Horse chewing by Cziko (The Beast). Goat noise by Roscoe and Petey. Goat noise and goat cry by Sparky.

Direction by Camel Management.

Artwork by Rebecca.