Knowing The "Gate Keepers"

In order for a musician to expose their music to as many people as possible, several Gates must be opened for them. In the commercial marketplace for music, Gatekeepers control the access to the musician's potential audience.

The following diagram lists the gates that must be unlocked to reach an audience.

The Musician
gets signed to
Record Labels
who send records to
Radio Station Music Directors
for airplay consideration
and send records to
Writers and Editors
at Magazines and Newspapers

for possible press exposure
Buyers at Distributors
are persuaded to sell
the records to
Retail Stores
Booking Agents
attempt to secure
live performances
for musicians
to play
in front of their

It has been reported that the proper care and feeding of these Gatekeepers can lead to a mutually prosperous and beneficial career for all concerned.

Throughout his fprty year career in the music business, FourFront Media & Music's Christopher Knab has shared his experience at many industry conventions and conferences, including the New Music Seminar and the Northwest Area Music Business Conference.

Knab was owner of a San Francisco music store, co-owner of the 415 Records label, and station manager at KCMU Radio in Seattle.

He currently provides a unique consultation and education service for independent musicians and record labels. His new book is entitled "Music Is Your Business".

Christopher Knab