Michael Lee Firkins "Chapter Eleven"

Michael Lee Firkins "Chapter Eleven"

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Michael Lee Firkins
Chapter Eleven
The Story
"Chapter Eleven" features more bluesy shred from ace guitarist Michael Lee Firkins, backed by Mike Van Der Hule (drums) and bassists Dennis Murphy and Terry Miller. "Chapter Eleven", which has some great songwirting, includes Firkins' originals such as "Hypno-5" and "Car-less Sonata", which are immediately identifiable as coming from this Nebraska-born talent. Firkins' playing is more introspective than on his impressive, self-titled debut, and he shows off some of his bluegrass influences on tracks such as "Big Red" and "B. H. Express". "Chapter Eleven", in summary, sets itself apart from Firkins' previous CDs, but retains his original sound throughout.
The Music
04:14 Big Red Instrumental
01:19 (Media Showers) Instrumental
04:55 Hypno-5 Instrumental
05:12 Trinity Road Instrumental
05:01 Car-Less Sonata Instrumental
03:40 B. H. Express Instrumental
04:14 Rio Hide-A-Way Instrumental
04:45 Baci Boy Blues Instrumental
03:32 The Mooche Instrumental
04:14 Hawaiian Gospel Instrumental
The Artists
Michael Lee Firkins Guitars, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Mike Van Der Hule Drums
Dennis Murphy Bass
Terry Miller Bass on Songs 6, 8 & 10
Wally Buck Engineering (Drum Tracking)
Chris Collins Engineering Assistance
Greg Forsberg Mixing
Eddy Schreyer Mastering
Creighton Carrow Photography
Annie Calef Art Direction, Graphic Design
William I. Hochberg Legal Representation
Engineered at Hot Box, Novato, CA.

Drums tracked at Studio D, San Francisco, CA.

Mixed at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA.

Mastered at Future Disc, Hollywood, CA.