Neal`s Terrifying Young Guns: 4th Edition

Welcome to the October edition of Neal's Young Guns. I had a really hard time picking the best videos this time. There was actually many great players to choose from.

Anyways, here are the selections for this edition:

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1. Kirill Konyaev from Russia: This kid is pretty amazing. I have seen a few videos of him. This is one of his older videos. Originally, thanks to Dale Turner for this post.

2. Blaze: This is him when he was 12 doing "Eruption". Pretty impressive.

3. Desireeπ Bassett: Tearing it up with "You Really Got Me".

4. Kate Winter: 5-year-old girl, I think that is her name is but all I can say is wow!

5. Ben Lapps: 15-year-old monster! Thanks to Laurie Monk of for this entry.

All I can say is... scary! Anyways, hope you enjoy these. Until next month!

Neal Nagaoka, a guitarist and composer from California, has 28 years of studying and performing experience along with 25 years of teaching guitar students. His most recent CD "Transition" features ten hard rock and metal instrumentals.

Neal Nagaoka