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The August-September edition is now online!

The August-September edition is now online, and we're taking time to give special thanks to all of our fans, visitors and customers all over the world who have supported us so enthusiastically over the past 15 years - you all have our deepest appreciation!

August Features

Note from Guitar Nine's Dan McAvinchey, "I've been meeting people and forming relationships for over 40 years. Networking tools such as LinkedIn have only been around for a fraction of that time. If we know each other, or we've had a relationship going for a long time as a musician, customer or fan of the site (or should have a new one), let's establish a connection, and a build a bridge to the future."

LinkedIn: Dan McAvinchey

New Columns

This edition's guest columnists offer business advice, speed playing tips and music theory directly to your web browser. We've got eight fresh columns altogether - all written by returning columnists. Tom Hess returns with "How To Play Guitar Fast". Mike Campese writes a new technique column entitled "7 Note Groupings". Neal Nagaoka is back with your amazing guitar videos in "Neal's Terrifying Young Guns: 3rd Edition". Guitarist Guy Pople returns with his article "Guitar Theory From First Principles, Part 4". Marketing expert Christopher Knab returns with "Music Today - It Is What It Isn't". Michael Knight joining us again with "The Real World Difference". Recovering from a major medical condition is Tim Sweeney, with "Obama Care's Effect On Your Music". Finally, rejoining us is guitarist Scott Allen with "Your Attention Please!"

Mike Campese

Tom Hess

Scott Allen

Neal Nagaoka

Michael Knight

Tim Sweeney

Guy Pople

Christopher Knab

New Interviews

The August update includes a new interview with German guitarist Christian Muenzner.

Christian Muenzner Interview

The Rediscovered

This edition we're shining the spotlight on four more of the most outstanding artists from the eleven years of the Undiscovered series profiles - it's called The Rediscovered. Think of it as the best of the best of The Undiscovered artists - another chance to check in with guitar oriented musicians and bands you may have missed the first time around.

The Rediscovered

New Instrumental Guitar CDs

Guitar Nine has added another 20 new instrumental guitar CDs to the site in the past two months. This brings the total number of instrumental guitar CDs available to 1756!

CDs are now online and shipping for Jarle H. Olsen, Demi Show, Rob Carlton, Next Order, Christian Muenzner, Dean Cascione, Casey Harshbarger, Al Marconi, Jake Dreyer, Strings 24, Yuji Fukuda, Danny John Trio, Randy Pevler, Chris Taylor, Wayne Krantz, Abstract Logix Live, Dolcetti, TevorX and David Pritchard.

Check out the Latest Additions/Releases and Listening Room at:

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To order any of the 1756 discs:

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If you'd like more information about selling your instrumental guitar release with us:

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DVD SoundCheck

The most recently added guitar-oriented, concert DVDs recently added include titles by Marcos De Ros, Carvalho & Martinho and Lei Chen among others.

DVD SoundCheck

Guitar Instruction

Browse over 135 titles in the area of guitar instruction, including the latest DVD by Magic Elf guitarist Carl Roa, the new book/CD by Tobias Hurwitz, and a number of recently added Lick Library titles by Richard Smith, Danny Gill and Andy James.

Instructional SoundCheck

Guitar Music 9 Latest Additions

The latest and greatest additions to the Guitar Nine sister site, Guitar Music 9, include:

Lord Of Winter - Neo-Classical Metal

Oblidian - Heavy Metal

There are now 500 guitar-oriented vocal titles available, with MP3 samples provided for previewing each artist.

Guitar Music 9 Main Page

The Home Studio Registry

For over 15 years we've offered a free listing on the Home Studio Registry. Join the Registry to meet and hook up with other Home Studio owners like yourself to discuss gear, techniques, maintenance or production.

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In Conclusion

As always, your comments, support and feedback are appreciated.
Dan McAvinchey
Guitar Nine