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The December-January issue is now online.

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New Columns

December's guest columnists bring great ideas, technical challanges, and experience to the table, and cover topics on the music business, technique, and songwriting. We've got eight fresh articles altogether - six returning columnists and two first time contributors. Canadian guitarist David Martone is back with another in his series entitled "Zone Recording: Killer Lead Sounds". Zack Uidl contributes his first article, with his "Guide To Becoming A Great Studio/Session Musician, Part 1". Guitarist Mike Campese returns after hiatus with "Extended Scales". Scott Allen challenges players out there with his article "Touring the Arps, Part 2". Guitarist Kole is back with, "The Importance of Musical Exploration". Kevin M. Buck stretches your technique with "Caprice No. V". First time contributor Lance Trebesch has written a column entitled "Eleven Ways Bands Can Utilize Their Website To Promote Their Music". Finally, indie marketing and promotions expert Tim Sweeney returns with "Overwhelmed Music Artists Lack Sales And Impact".

David Martone


Zack Uidl

Mike Campese

Kevin M. Buck

Lance Trebesch

Tim Sweeney

Scott Allen

New Interviews

December updates include new interviews with guitarists Simone Fiorletta and Roger Staffelbach.

Simone Fiorletta Interview

Roger Staffelbach Interview

The Rediscovered

This edition we've selected four more of the most outstanding artists from the eleven years of the Undiscovered series profiles - it's called The Rediscovered. Think of it as the best of the best of The Undiscovered artists - another chance to check in with guitar oriented musicians and bands you may have missed the first time around.

The Rediscovered

New Instrumental Guitar CDs

Guitar Nine has added another 29 new instrumental guitar CDs to the site in the past two months. This brings the total number of instrumental guitar CDs available to 2138!

CDs are now online and shipping for Blotted Science, J.A. Allen, Bill DeTucci, Ken Snyder, Oz Noy, Jonas Hellborg, Gorgone, Machacek/Sipe/Garrison, Buckethead/Dickerson, Nicola Costa, Victor Gann, Jamie Robertson, Michael Lee Firkins, Three Headed Monster, Alex Skolnick Trio, Catherine Delgadillo, Tolis Zavaliaris Project, Michael Landau, Audric Jankauskas, Frank Wallace, Mario Parga, Tom Ball, Tyson Graf, Michael Angelo Batio, Phi Yaan-Zek, Bellar/Neilson, MCM and Mike Campese.

With the blend of the world's best Independent Artists along with our Distributed Artists Series, Guitar Nine aims to provide one-stop shopping for instrumental guitar enthusiasts.

Check out the Latest Additions/Releases and Listening Room at:

Latest Releases
Listening Room

To order any of the 2138 discs:

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Ordering Information

For general ordering information/checkout, visit:

Ordering Information

Selling Your CD With Us

If you'd like more information about selling your instrumental guitar release with us:

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Guitar-oriented, concert DVDs recently added include titles by Mahavishnu Orchestra, David Gilmour, Steve Vai and Al DiMeola, among others.

DVD SoundCheck

Guitar Instruction

Select from over 250 titles in the area of guitar instruction, including recently added DVD titles by Don Mock, Al DiMeola, Keith Wyatt, Michael Angelo Batio and Arlen Roth, as well as the Alien Guitar Lessons Book.

Instructional SoundCheck

Guitar Music 9 Latest Additions

The latest and greatest additions to the Guitar Nine sister site, Guitar Music 9, include:

George Lynch - Hard Rock

Angel Of Eden - Heavy Metal

Palace Terrace - Neo-Classical Metal

Steve Riddle Band - Rock/Blues

Throne Of Serpents - Heavy Metal

GasHead - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Jim King - Blues

Mountain Of Power - Hard Rock/Blues

Wes Jeans - Hard Rock/Blues

Poul Halberg Power Trio - Hard Rock/Blues

Tony Spinner - Hard Rock/Blues

Scarlet Runner - Hard Rock/Blues

American Standard - Rock/Blues

Corey Sterling With CAB - Blues/Rock

Chris Aaron - Blues/Rock

Greg Koch & Tone Controls - Rock/Blues

Kamchatka - Hard Rock/Blues

Craig Erickson - Blues/Rock

Lance Lopez - Hard Rock/Blues

Kevin M. Buck - Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Stoney Curtis Band - Blues/Rock

Leslie West - Blues/Rock

There are now 647 guitar-oriented vocal titles available, with MP3 samples provided for previewing each artist.

Guitar Music 9 Main Page

Classifieds And The Home Studio Registry

For over eleven years we've offered free classifieds and a free listing on the Home Studio Registry. Use the classifieds to sell that piece of gear that you can't find any use for, find new music or advertise yourself to potential collaborators. Join the Registry to meet and hook up with other Home Studio owners like yourself to discuss gear, techniques, maintenance or production.

Free Classifieds

Home Studio Registry

In Conclusion

As always, your comments, support and feedback are appreciated.
Dan McAvinchey
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