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The June-July edition is now online, and we're celebrating our 9 year anniversary!

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New Columns

There is something for everyone in the guest columns assembled for June. We've got ten altogether - all ten are returning columnists. First off is Mike Campese, G.I.T. graduate and instructor, with "Getting The Most Out Of Your Scales". Guitarist Randy Ellefson returns with his column, "Music Degrees And Rock Guitarists, Part 1". Canadian guitarist David Martone is back with another article entitled "Zone Recording: Less Is More". Japan based axe man Chris Juergensen contributes his detailed article entitled "Modal Applications Of The Pentatonic Scale". Guitarist Tom Hess has written "Can You Really Become a Great Guitar Player?". Guitarist Tony Koretz is back with another column, "The Acoustic Guitar In The Mix, Part 2". Indie marketing and promotions expert Tim Sweeney has contributed an article entitled "The Term 'Artist'". We welcome bank guitarist Paul Kuntz with his latest column for Guitar Nine, entitled "The Modes". Guitarist and writer Jamie Andreas also returns with her article "Changing Bad Habits". Finally, music industry guru Christopher Knab returns with "Music Industry Quotes To Live By".

David Martone

Mike Campese

Tom Hess

Tony Koretz

Paul Kuntz

Chris Juergensen

Jamie Andreas

Tim Sweeney

Christopher Knab

Randy Ellefson

New Interviews

June's updates include new interviews with guitarists Al Estrada, Rob Balducci and Kiko Loureiro.

Al Estrada Interview

Rob Balducci Interview

Kiko Loureiro Interview

The Undiscovered

This edition we're featuring another group of unknown talent through our Undiscovered Artists program. The music ranges from metal/shred to eclectic Americana, and from hard rock to fusion. These artists offer continuing evidence that the independent music community is alive and well, and brings the total number of artists we've profiled over the 570 mark!

The Undiscovered

New Instrumental Guitar CDs

Guitar Nine has added another 42 new instrumental guitar CDs to the site in the past two months. This brings the total number of instrumental guitar CDs available to 1661!

CDs are now online and shipping for Milan Polak, Allen Hinds, Dave Weiner, Doppler, Inc., Nat Janoff Group, JRZ System, John Danley, Violet Samudra, Mike Campese, Borg And Vella, Carl Hupp Project, Alex Goulden, Too Old To Rock, Nebojsa Buhin, Berkana, James Ryan. Kiko Loureiro, Alex Masi, Armik, Jesse Cook, Sam Yelda, Rogerio Maudonnet, Michael Nicolella, Patrick DeCoste, David Fiuczynski & Rufus Cappadocia, Matt Cafissi, Fiuczynski's Headless Torsos, Mark Magnuson, Rez Abbasi, Phi Yaan-Zek, Danny Jones, Logic?, Gary Meyers, Torben Enevoldsen, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Morse, Strunz/Farah, Cosmic Farm, Souls In Harmony and Ken Snyder.

With the blend of the world's best Independent Artists along with our Distributed Artists Series, Guitar Nine aims to provide one-stop shopping for instrumental guitar enthusiasts.

Check out the Latest Additions/Releases and Listening Room at:

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Selling Your CD With Us

If you'd like more information about selling your instrumental guitar release with us:

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We've added more guitar-oriented, concert DVD releases, now available are titles by artists such as Al DiMeola (with Jean-Luc Ponty), Robben Ford, the Strat Pack, Jeff Healey, Steve Morse, Joe Louis Walker, Hellborg/Shawn Lane and Steve Hackett, among others.

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Guitar Instruction

Our offerings in the area of guitar instruction are also expanding rapidly. For example, we've added many more titles in the DVD instructional series, such as "Learn To Play Your Own Blues Solos", "Guitar Method: In The Style Of Limp Bizkit", "Rock Profiles: Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Technique", "Rock Essentials", "Advanced Rock Guitar", "Learn To Play 50 Killer Rock Licks", "Learn To Play 50 Killer Metal Licks" and "Learn To Play Gary Moore".

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Guitar Music 9 Latest Additions

The latest and greatest additions to the Guitar Nine sister site, Guitar Music 9, include:

Mattsson - Progressive Heavy Metal

Screaming Headless Torsos - Fusion

David Fiuczynski - Rock

Jake E. Lee - Hard Rock

Overlord's Perpetual - Neo-Classical Metal

Leslie West - Blues

Iron Mask - Neo-Classical Metal

Ark Storm - Neo-Classical Metal

Lynch Mob - Hard Rock

Michael Schenker Group - Hard Rock

Agent Cooper - Rock

Reeves Gabrels - Hard Rock

Schenker/Pattison Summit - Hard Rock

Leslie West - Blues

Lalu - Heavy Metal

Imaginery - Heavy Metal

There are now 473 guitar-oriented vocal titles available, with MP3 samples provided for previewing each artist.

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Classifieds And The Home Studio Registry

For nine years we've offered free classifieds and a free listing on the Home Studio Registry. Use the classifieds to sell that piece of gear that you can't find any use for, find new music or advertise yourself to potential collaborators. Join the Registry to meet and hook up with other Home Studio owners like yourself to discuss gear, techniques, maintenance or production.

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In Conclusion

As always, your comments, support and feedback are appreciated.
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