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The June-July edition is now online, and we're celebrating our 13 year anniversary!

According to our Warehouse Manager, artists, labels and distributors have been more diligent about keeping their products in stock. Over the past month we've averaged an 98% in-stock percentage for the almost 3000 products in our catalog. Check out the current price list and availablity status below.

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New Columns

June's guest columnists bring soloing ideas, practice strategies and picking to the table, and cover areas such as guitar technique, guitar instruction and beating the recession. We've got twelve fresh articles altogether - nine by returning columnists along with three new contributors. Canadian guitarist David Martone is back with another in his series entitled "Zone Recording: Summer Schedule". Tom Hess returns with a new column for guitarists called "How To Instantly Improve Your Guitar Teaching Business". Mike Campese puts out yet another technique column, "Harmonic Minor Scale". Michael Knight returns with his "Survival Guide To Lean Times For Musicians, Part II: Your Fans". Guitarist Scott Allen is back with his column entitled "Soloing Strategies, Part 3". Guitarist Jirakit Somame returns with his new column "Control Your Fretting Hand". Jean-Pierre Zammit also rejoins us with his article, "Octave Arpeggios". Guitarist Mike O'Malley is back with helpful advice in, "Practicing Strategies". New contributors include Pete Marinovich with his "Starting Out" article, John Slaughter with "Picking Positions", and Ben Kuzay with "Self-Expression Or Cosmic Reflection?". Finally, indie marketing and promotions expert Tim Sweeney returns with food for thought in "Lessons From The Academy Awards For Musicians".

David Martone

Tom Hess

Mike Campese

Scott Allen

Tim Sweeney

Michael Knight

Pete Marinovich

John Slaughter

Jirakit Somame

Ben Kuzay

Mike O'Malley

Jean-Pierre Zammit

New Interviews

June updates include new interviews with American guitarists Allen Hinds and Peter Gusmano, and an exclusive interview with the three Italian axeman who make up Strings 24.

Allen Hinds Interview

Peter Gusmano Interview

Strings 24 Interview

The Rediscovered

This edition we're shining the spotlight on four of the most outstanding artists from the eleven years of the Undiscovered series profiles - we're calling it, The Rediscovered. Think of it as the best of the best of The Undiscovered artists - another chance to check in with guitar oriented musicians and bands you may have missed the first time around.

The Rediscovered

New Instrumental Guitar CDs

Guitar Nine has added another 15 new instrumental guitar CDs to the site in the past two months. This brings the total number of instrumental guitar CDs available to 1961!

CDs are now online and shipping for David T. Chastain, Lyle Workman, Joe Stump, Strings 24, One Spirit, Adam Nitti, Pete Marinovich, Neil Zaza, Leandro Chernicharo, Ad Astra, Dave Cross, Bill Perry, Barish Kepic, Gele Van Vaso and Travis Larson Band.

With the blend of the world's best Independent Artists along with our Distributed Artists Series, Guitar Nine aims to provide one-stop shopping for instrumental guitar enthusiasts.

Check out the Latest Additions/Releases and Listening Room at:

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The most recently added guitar-oriented, concert DVDs recently added include titles by Kermheat, Cosmosquad and Martone among others.

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Guitar Instruction

Browse over 270 titles in the area of guitar instruction, including a number of recently added Lick Library titles by Michael Casswell, Danny Gill, Stuart Bull and Andy James.

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Guitar Music 9 Latest Additions

The latest and greatest additions and reissues to the Guitar Nine sister site, Guitar Music 9, include:

Lars Eric Mattsson - Hard Rock

Drew Zaunbrecher - Blues/Hard Rock

Glenn Kaiser Band - Blues/Hard Rock

Dave D'Angelico - Blues

Big Jim Slade - Hard Rock

Billy White Trio - Hard Rock/Blues

Blindside Blues Band - Blues/Hard Rock

Onesko Bogert Ceo Project - Hard Rock/Blues

Tony Spinner - Hard Rock/Blues

Jay Jesse Johnson - Blues/Hard Rock

There are now 572 guitar-oriented vocal titles available, with MP3 samples provided for previewing each artist.

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Classifieds And The Home Studio Registry

For thirteen years we've offered free classifieds and a free listing on the Home Studio Registry. Use the classifieds to sell that piece of gear that you can't find any use for, find new music or advertise yourself to potential collaborators. Join the Registry to meet and hook up with other Home Studio owners like yourself to discuss gear, techniques, maintenance or production.

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In Conclusion

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