The Rediscovered: Adam Levy

Adam Levy


Fluid, Laid-Back Jazz

Buttermilk Channel is an all-instrumental jazz recording that is nourishment for the soul, as guitarist Adam Levy spreads tasty, cleanly articulated licks over a rhythmic muffin that features Larry Goldings on organ and Kenny Wollesen on drums. The pace remains calm and heartfelt throughout, but the atmosphere compliments a wide variety of listening experiences - from a Sunday morning brunch to the last evening cocktail. It's been said that Levy favors "subtlety over showmanship" (, however if his sophisticated lines thrill the consciousness, then perhaps subtlety over flash might be more appropos. This CD reeks in atmosphere - jazz aficionados should give the sound clips special attention, and give serious thought to future support of this fine musician. Adam Levy was originally profiled in the October-November, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.


Born in the Los Angeles area and now residing in New York, Adam's guitar growth has been influenced over the years by Bill Frisell, George Harrison, Jeff Beck, Les Paul, John Scofield and Ted Greene. His style has developed in a non-linear, unfocused method, and lately he finds himself going back to the "old guys" for inspiration - players such as Johnny Smith, George Van Eps, and Django Reinhardt. Adam has played on a number of recordings, including a duo CD with Mark Dziuba, a double CD entitled "Live At Avalon & The Graves" (with the Lost Trio), and a band recording with Trio Putanesca - "Live At Yoshi's". He is also a contributing columnist to Guitar Player magazine.

Levy continues to gig wherever possible in support of Buttermilk Channel and his duo recording with George Wyle, "With My Guitar And You".

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