The Rediscovered: Gonzo



Solo Bass Rarity

Gonzo (a.k.a. D.G. Grogg) submitted a 6-song, self-titled CD-R feauring bass, bass and more bass. Tracks you might suspect as being guitar or perhaps keyboards are delivered on, you guessed it, Gonzo's Steinberger, Ibanez and Synsonic basses. Several tracks ("Morning Mood", "Princess" and "Amerika") are even one-take efforts, with no overdubbing. As you might expect, it takes a master of a number of techniques in order to pull off the melodic and rhythmic challenges, and Gonzo's got em - including harmonics, two-hand tapping, slapping, and sometimes even as much as punching his instrument to enable him to capture his inner emotions. He's put quite an effort into his compositions as well, so if you're into the low end of the musical spectrum, or you are a bass player who needs to broaden your realm of possibilites, check out Gonzo. Gonzo was originally profiled in the October-November, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.


Gonzo was surrounded by music growing up, and started on trumpet in the 4th grade. He later turned to bass, and gigged around with his two brothers in both Hawaii and San Francisco for nearly 20 years. He also hooked up as a bass player with various bands on the side, but realized the hard rock scene he was into was not enough to let him play all he wanted to play on the
instrument Gonzo took his bass out to the streets and learned to make money directly from appreciative listeners. He was ready to return home to Hawaii and retire from music, when suddenly the urge to record a bass intensive project led to his current recording.

Gonzo is currently working on a follow up album, and continues to teach privately, as well as play live.

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D.G. Grogg
United States

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