The Rediscovered: Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson


Mastering The Musical Use Of The Guitar

The three song demo CD-R from New York area guitarist Jason Richardson (a.k.a. JMR) is designed to demonstrate his abilities in the area of instrumental hard rock. The opening track "It's You" is a ballad-tempo number in which tone and melody play important parts in telling the story. The song relies on space and grace rather than NPM (notes per minute), but a dynamic arrangement lets Richardson finish the track with power and a dramatic flourish. "Blowin' Smoke" kicks it up a notch, and features a wide variety of tones with some echoey, soulful soloing followed by some hot-wired, lighting-fast runs that are meant to blow the mind. "Just Me" winds up the demo on a reflective note, the slower tempo giving Richardson a chance to display his mastery of vibrato, as well as kick out more free-wheeling, Satch-like improvisations. All we can say is - keep recording! Jason Richardson was originally profiled in the April-May, 2003 edition of The Undiscovered.


Jason's history with the guitar goes back 15 years to a pivotal moment seeing his cousin playing with a band in a local bar. He began guitar lessons in 1987, and was a quick study, and sessions with guitarist Craig Snyder helped him mold his particular style of axemastery. He even took up bass and drums in order to expand his musical skills. Later, Jason captured the title of Guitar Center's Best Guitar Player in Rochester, New York. He has been a professional guitar instructor since 1998 with an ever-expanding group of students, and has an endorsement with the world renowned Framus Guitars and Amplification Company. Jason fronts the frequently gigging, four piece original modern rock band Thatcher, handling both guitar and vocal duties. He can currently be heard on a CD for Lion Music which features a musical tribute to Ritchie Blackmore.

Currently, Richardson is working on a debut solo CD, continuing to play bass and guitar with Craig Snyder's Headlines, and is recording a demo with Reggie Hendrix (cousin of the legendary Jimi Hendrix). He also endorses Warrior Guitars.

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