The Rediscovered: Scott Mosher

Scott Mosher


Ambient Neo-Progressive Cyber-Rock

You mean you don't know what ambient neo-progressive cyber-rock sounds like? Pick up a copy of Scott Mosher's CD Virtuality for a first-class introduction to the new sub-genre. Mosher is a guitarist, bass player, keyboard player and more, and his vision for progressive rock includes haunting sound paintings and dreamy musical interludes (a la Tangerine Dream), as well as driving, rhythmic metal. His guests include vocalist Todd Corsa, who sings on half of the twelve tracks, and Mickey James, who lends a bass solo to "The Promise Of Truth". Mosher's guitar solos are fully supportive of the underlying compositions, offering dense, fluid runs and liquid lines. Fellow progressive axemen will find a lot to like in Virtuality, as well as ambient music lovers searching for more of an edge. A great soundtrack for travelling in space - don't board the Enterprise without it. Scott Mosher was originally profiled in the October-November, 2001 edition of The Undiscovered.


Scott's current status as a 'solo-artist' began with the "Ambient Earth" CD. in 1995, the "Horsemeat" cassette and various 'guest' appearances on bass, lyrical arrangements and guitar on the F5/Eye of the Storm projects. Currently he has not toured the world, he has not won an MTV musical award, he has not been featured in any pop-culture revival metal magazines, he has not been a guest host on any late-night TV programs (although he did lobby the Arsenio Hall Show in 1990 as the 'doomed-to-a-life-of-mediocrity guy' to no avail), nor has he kissed many hands and shaken many babies (that may change soon). Scott has yet to win a Nobel Peace Prize or a Pulitzer prize (not for trying).

Mosher is currently working on other experimental proto-electronic, trance-rock rap-funk-metal endeavors, and continues his quest to combine his music and art with a socially-conscious and environmentally responsible approach.

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