Shredding Blues Licks: Solos

Hi to all, and welcome to this month's "Shredding Blues Licks".This time around we have two parts of a solo of mine from the song "Finding My Way", off of my latest CD.

Lick 1

I broke Lick 1 up into sections to show each change of fingering position as were working our way up the neck. As with most of my playing, there is a lot of shifting between positions and hammer ons and pull offs, so take your time working this lick out. There are even a few taps thrown in for a little spice!


MP3 - Lick 1

Lick 2

Here we are using more of that sleek slip'n and slid'n stuff, with a few odd notes that when used at the right moment don't sound so odd! Go figure, huh? OK, both these licks are not for the weak at heart, you have to play them with conviction! Or, as one of my friends who is an incredible player says, "Ya gotta bring it!"


MP3 - Lick 2

Have fun with these and if you practice they will come, I promise. See ya next go round.

Danny Jones is a rock guitarist from the Northern California/Bay Area.

Danny is a former student of Joe Satriani, and a 2x Best Of The Bay winner.

His latest CD is entitled "Finding My Way".

Danny Jones