Steve Vai "Alien Love Secrets"

Steve Vai "Alien Love Secrets"

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Steve Vai
Alien Love Secrets
The Story
"Alien Love Secrets" is an all instrumental album of Steve Vai-isms, meaning guitar music as only Vai can play it. This EP/CD features moody, atmospheric textures, and plenty of tortured squeals, wah-wah riffage and other sonic goodies, held together by Vai's ultra-fluid technical ability. "Alien Love Secrets" features "Bad Horsie", which incorporates some of the riffs from the final scene in the movie "Crossroads", and "Ya-Yo Gakk", where Vai 'cuts heads' with his son.
The Music
05:51 Bad Horsie Instrumental
03:41 Juice Instrumental
03:52 Die To Live Instrumental
05:04 The Boy From Seattle Instrumental
02:52 Ya-Yo Gakk Instrumental
07:02 Kill The Guy With The Ball Instrumental
05:09 Tender Surrender Instrumental
The Artists
Steve Vai All Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Drum Programming, Production, Engineering, Art Direction
Deen Castronovo Drums on "Die To Live", "The Boy From Seattle", "Kill The Guy With The Ball", "Tender Surrender"
Julian Vai Munchkin Vocals on "Ya-Yo Gakk"
Tommy Mars Keyboards on "Never Surrender"
Sergio Buss Engineering Assistance
Bernie Grundman Mastering
Neil Zlozower Photography
Desmond Child Art Direction
David Bett Art Direction
Pam Dancy Production Assistance
Gerald F. Rosenblatt Legal Things
All music written by Steve Vai.

Recorded at the Mothership.

Management by Deston Entertainment.

Accounting Things by Gefland, Rennert & Feldman.