The Undiscovered: Alfredo Herz

Alfredo Herz


Rock Meets Latin Shred For Instrumentalist

Minneapolis guitarist Alfredo Herz submitted his 4 song demo tape, containing rock and shred instrumentals recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder. Herz, by virtue of a rigorous practice schedule, is technically potent, effortlessly ripping a barrage of flawlessly picked notes at a moment's notice. The mid-tempo "When I..." features a strummed rhythm track with squeaky clean, improvised melodic lines that lead to an overdriven break featuring rapid-fire chromatic passages. The metallic "Stress" includes more savage lead work, as Herz serves up impressively fluid guitar solos. It would be great to see Herz develop a keener melodic sense as he continues to refine his compositions in the future.


Alfredo, born in Mexico, began playing at the age of 15, when a friend lent him a guitar and some Yngwie Malmsteen tapes and said good luck while walking away laughing. Alfredo had the last laugh when six months later he was playing some Malmsteen tunes after practicing four hours each day. He later increased his practice regimen to an incredible eight hours per day in an effort to acquire the skills to wake up people's emotions with his guitar playing. Alfredo is currently a full-time guitar player, touring with his band, Leghound. He counts Greg Howe, Marty Friedman, Pat Metheny and Steve Vai among his influences.

Herz' is planning to take lessons from Greg Howe in the hopes of taking his music to the next level. He would like to show the world that technique does not kill feeling.

Contact Information

Alfredo Herz
1816 Stevens Ave. So., Apt. 33
Minneapolis, MN 55403
United States