The Undiscovered: Bill Fox

Bill Fox


Summoning The Ghosts Of Pop, Folk & Rock

Cleveland-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Bill Fox is back after a ten-year hiatus in the music business with a creative, catchy folk/pop CD entitled Shelter From The Smoke. With the help of guitarist Tom Fallon and percussionist Tommy Fox along with the Radio Flyers (Rick Brom, bass; Fallon; Dave Swanson, drums), Fox has released a raw, uncompromising album consisting of 15 sparsely arranged, low-fi tracks. Reminiscent at time of the Byrds and Big Star from the late '60s/early '70s, Shelter From The Smoke is an honest, introspective work that documents Fox' growth as a songwriter.


Bill Fox, 32, has been writing and recording music since getting his start in the late '80s as the leader of The Mice, a Cleveland-based power pop/punk band with a strong regional following that later spread overseas. The Mice released a successful album, "Scooter", in England. The band was set to embark upon a European tour in 1988 when they broke up. Fox has continued writing and playing since the break up, and in 1997 recorded Shelter From The Smoke on a borrowed four-track recorder.

Fox has taken his personal vision of a crumbling America as the impetus for this record, and manages to salvage love and meaning amidst a socialscape of transience and apathy.

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