The Undiscovered: Bobby Ferrara

Bobby Ferrara


Rock Guitar Virtuoso Plans New CD

California-based shred guitarist Bobby Ferrara's demo cassette reveals jaw-dropping solo flurries, wah-drenched fusillades and some high-energy freakout. Ferrara's five-song demo includes instrumentals, standard guitar/vocal tunes and some blazingly fast solo passages. The songs even demonstrate a sense of humor, as the outro of "Pussy Magnet" includes a quote from Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever." Ferrara is clearly a guitarist to be reckoned with, as his virtually around-the-clock practice sessions have built his technique to the world-class level.


Bobby, originally from Long Island, started playing the guitar in sixth grade and has over fifteen years of playing experience under his belt. He has won New York's Hot Licks guitar contest twice, and is an endorsee of Jem Guitars. Bobby also writes a bimonthly guitar technique/effects column called "The Clinic" for New Jersey's only heavy metal magazine, Ironworx.

Ferrara has two goals for the immediate future. The first is a CD he is currently working on, called "Show Of Force". Ferrara has also indicated he is looking for a project anywhere in the United States. Have guitar, will travel!

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