The Undiscovered: Common Ground

Common Ground


Bringing A New Edge To Contemporary Jazz

The young jazz fusion duo Common Ground consists of guitarist/composer Eric Sayles and saxophonist/composer Chris Farr, two players destined to establish their own niche in a market that still reveres legends such as John Scofield and Chick Corea. Their second release for LoLo/TMP Records, Not Enough Space, is an eight-track instrumental offering featuring extended improvisation, guitar/saxophone doubled melody lines, and for the Scofield and Scott Henderson fans, plenty of exhilarating, overdriven guitar work by Sayles. Both Sayles and Farr are talented composers and producers as well, clearly demonstrating a command of the contemporary jazz genre on Not Enough Space, as they balance the groove with emotionally charged improvisational passages. Also contributing to Not Enough Space were Dennis Chambers (drums), James Genus (bass), Dan Zank (keys) and Brian Farr (percussion).


Guitarist Erik Sayles grew up in Branford, Connecticut, but has lived all over the United States. He became interested in the guitar at age fifteen, and pursued this interest at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood. Later, Erik studied jazz in Philadelphia at the University of Arts under Alex Domshot and Tom Giacabetti. There he met saxophonist Farr, and their playing sessions soon sparked the ideas for the music they are now composing and playing. In April of 1995, the duo signed with TMP Records of Berlin, New Jersey, under which they recorded their self-titled debut release, "Common Ground."

Sayles counts Mike Stern, John Abercrombie and Pat Metheny as some of his guitar influences, but he has worked diligently to combine all their influences, stretch the combination and create his own style. His work with Chris Farr in Common Ground is the embodiment of that effort.

Contact Information

Erik Sayles
3543 Sunnyside Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19129
United States