The Undiscovered: Corbin Hughes

Corbin Hughes


Instrumental Metal That Screams For Vengeance

Impared Vision is the first CD release by Colorado metal guitarist Corbin Hughes. Hughes favors a heavy metal backdrop for the nine instrumental compositions on Impared Vision, playing blazingly fast, full-throttle guitar solos over heavily distorted rhythm tracks. "Zero Hour" features samples of bombs and artillery as Hughes cranks an extended three-minute plus solo underneath the mayhem. Melody and motif take a back seat to speed and free-wheeling improvisations on Impared Vision, a true testament to jacked-up intensity.


Inspired by AC/DC and Angus Young, Corbin began playing the guitar at the age of 14. Soon after that Edward Van Halen became a heavy influence and changed the way he viewed guitar forever. Hughes' overall goal is to make the best music he is capable of, and has taken up keyboards, bass and drums in order to fully realize his musical vision. He is currently working on a follow-up instrumental guitar CD, and hopes to continue to produce original music for the rest of his life.

Hughes would also like to produce music for the video game industry, driven by the conviction that some of the most interesting hard rock today can be found on video games, such as the Sony Playstation and PC CD-ROM games.

Contact Information

Corbin Hughes Productions
6135 Brentwood St.
Arvada, CO 80004
United States