The Undiscovered: C.T.



Guitar, Rap & Techno Blend

C.T. is a guitarist from Houston, Texas who sent in a two song demo CD-R to demonstrate his blend of guitar, rap and techno sounds. He plays all of the instruments and sings and raps as well. The first demo, "Crank It Up" begins with a guitar solo, then the guitar takes a breather as the rap/rock mix dominates the rest of the tune. The next track, "Break It Down" also begins with a guitar solo, followed by a binary rhythm mixed with rap, keyboards and sporadic guitar breaks -- a true musical fusion. There isn't really a lot of guitar work going on in either song -- I think eventually when C.T.'s writing matures, he will have better luck getting fans of rap and techno to accept guitar solos in the songs, rather than finding guitar fans accepting the modern rhythms in place of traditional guitar dominance.


Clint Tran (C.T.) was born in Vietnam and later moved to the United States. He started playing guitar at the age of 13, with a love of techno, rock and rap music fueling his desire to become a musician. C.T. later learned keyboards and combined his instruments in such a way as to create his own personal sound. The groups that inspire him include Run-DMC, Prince and the Beastie Boys. C.T. currently has his music playing on the Asian Channel Network in Houston. He also gives guitar lessons part-time and is now concentrating on writing and recording new material.

C.T.'s long term goal is to work under a major record label. He would like to get a record contract and eventually write and produce for other artists.

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