The Undiscovered: Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson


Melodic, Hard Rock Instrumentalist From Down Under

Australian guitar player Darren Wilson is currently distributing a demo cassette of original instrumental compositions that display both his technical adroitness and a knack for hard-edged riffs. Wilson's demo consists of five tunes, ranging from the fiery, up-tempo "Under A Watchful Eye" to the smooth funk and legato improvisations of "Mystery". Clearly, Wilson knows what it takes to compose a memorable instrumental, and has proven his resourcefulness as well--all the songs were written, recorded and performed by Wilson himself on a 4-track recorder. Forced into a bare-bones arrangement style, Wilson makes the most of his compositions, and one can't help wondering how much more could be gained recording in a commercial studio.


Darren is a guitarist/songwriter who has been playing guitar since the age of 13 and has gigged with various bands since age 17. The past several years, Darren has dedicated himself to improving his writing and recording skills. He would like to release his own CD, either totally independent or with help in the areas of distribution. packaging and promotion. Darren would also like to relocate to a place where he could work full-time and support himself as a guitarist, either as a session player or in a band.

Wilson is currently looking to secure an outlet for his music via tape distribution, as opportunities in Australia for instrumental musicians are non existent. He is focusing his search for opportunity outside of his native country.

Contact Information

Darren Wilson
P.O. Box 93
Semaphore 5019
South Australia