The Undiscovered: Doug Michael

Doug Michael


Instrumental Electro-Acoustic Guitar Music

California-based guitarist Doug Michael's latest cassette release entitled Collections 1993-1997 is a "best of" tape which includes some of his strongest compositions over the past few years. Michael's all instrumental music is a blend of electronic-ambient and progressive rock flavored with acoustic instruments such as piano and guitar. Electric guitar is also used frequently to add an overdriven solo coloration to the pieces. Cinematic in both approach and vision, Michael's compositions retain a dark quality as he stays away from the predictable and moves toward the path less traveled.


Doug started in music with piano lessons in grade school, but it was his guitar lessons that got him hooked on music. He has since been heavily involved in instrumental music that has influences from Rock, Jazz, Progressive, Psychedelic and Ambient genres. Doug has just completed his music degree at San Jose State University, enrolled in the Electro-Acoustic Music program. Doug's music has won various composition awards including the Eva Thompson Philips Composition Award in 1994, 1995 and 1997, the ASCAP Standard Award for Composition and a Student Composition Award from the College Music Society, Pacific Central Chapter.

By mid-1998, Michael hopes to have his new record company, Angular Momentum CDs, release its first compact disc offering, with many more to follow. Doug Michael is truly a 'Do-It-Yourselfer' who has his act together.

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Doug Michael
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