The Undiscovered: Doug Mikula

Doug Mikula


New Jersey instrumental Fretburner

Doug Mikula kicks off his demo CD-R with the techno/dance rhythms and shredded grooves of "Bombs Away" (which was written for his friends into techno music), and serves notice that whatever the background or rhythm section, he's going to dish out mega-heavy, fluidly-played and blazingly fast solos - matching speed with precision. His second track, "Two Face" takes a neo-classical approach, and similarly slams the listener's face to the floor with ripping leads. "As The Tide Breaks" is a high-energy number, more lyrical than the first two, while maintaining an aggressive style and delivering several hot-wired solos. "Lynette" closes out the demo, and is a showcase for his highly developed, two-handed tapping style, in which he manages to interject some classic Spanish pieces into the arrangement. This is a good start in the instrumental arena, and he probably only needs to decide where to place his focus musically in order to further his development.


Doug started playing guitar in 1997 after his other musical ventures on piano, bass, and drums. He currently plays guitar for the band Drive and also performs with Course of Evolution, DWI, and Jody Joseph and the Average Joes. Over the past few years, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and other instrumental guitarists have hugely influenced Doug. These great guitarists have inspired him to start an instrumental project of his own. The Doug Mikula band presents a unique and diverse brand of instrumental rock with styles ranging from hard rock to neoclassical metal to techno and more. In 2003 and 2004, he attended Berklee summer guitar sessions and won scholarships both times, but has no plans to attend Berklee full-time. This year, he took a year off college to write, play and record music.

Mikula would love to play and write music 24/7;until then, he'll continue to teach guitar and gig with his many musical projects.

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