The Undiscovered: Edward DeGenaro

Edward DeGenaro


Instrumental Guitarist Stresses Music Over Flash

Edward DeGenaro is a fusion guitarist from Seattle who describes his music as 'bebop metal guitar.' The eleven tracks on his demo CD-R reflect a strong electric fusion influence, highlighted by the soaring, overdriven guitar sound DeGenaro uses to provide the 'metal' in the music. DeGenaro is a highly skilled, technical guitar player in the vein of Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale, drenching his tracks with impressively fluid guitar solos ("The House..." and "So What", among others). He has started his own band and production company, Nude Guitars--nude referring not to flesh, but symbolizing a stripped down approach to fusing bebop with metal.


Edward was born and raised in Germany. At age 6 he began studying cello, and at age 12 moved to the guitar when he saw Ritchie Blackmore on a television program. Edward attended the German National Conservatory of Music in Nuernberg. After graduating with a degree in Performance and Teaching, he toured
Europe working as a "hired gun" guitarist and session player developing his unique talent for fusing multiple musical styles into the "Nude Guitars" sound. Edward's influences are many and include greats such as Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Jaco Pastorius and Mike Stern.

In the future, DeGenaro has set a goal for himself to release a guitar-oriented CD that also spotlights all the other instruments, mixing hot guitar with a kickin' rhythm section. He hopes to entertain and inspire other guitarists and musicians to do their own thing as well.

Contact Information

Edward DeGenaro
5333 21st Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98106
United States