The Undiscovered: Flatstick



Duo Creates Stylistic Melting Pot

Metal meets jazz meets shredding guitar meets funk meets foul language meets punk meets whatever they feel like doing? How's that for a five second description of the music of Australia's Flatstick, comprised of guitarists John Sanders and Gary McKay. The duo submitted a CD-R entitled, five tracks of utter mayhem featuring death metal-like, guttural, distorted vocals, blazingly fast solo passages, jarring mood changes, white rap, satire, Eastern punk, and anything else you can think of. With an aim to entertain, disgust and amuse while providing plenty of razor-edged guitar tracks, Flatstick hopes to carve out its own unique musical niche.


Flatstick began when Gary and John first met and combined Gary's stockpile of recording gear with John's musical ideas. They got together and began writing material, programming the drums and keyboard parts and hired bassist Marcel Yammoune to contribute bass tracks. John handled all the vocal work and they split the guitar solos evenly. Their music develops from a desire to write cool music of every style. Inspired by Frank Zappa, they are learning from the late guitarist's sense of humor and total command of all styles of music.

Flatstick continues to write and record, hoping both to find the right members to do live gigs and to find a label that believes in their musical integrity.

Contact Information

John Sanders
10 Jarrah Crt.
Greensborough, Vic. 3088