The Undiscovered: Gehelio Non-Centric

Gehelio Non-Centric


Textural Guitar Backs Dramatic Vocals

With the great jazz talent that resides in the New York area, it takes a fine musician to Long Island based Gehelio Non-Centric's self-titled CD is not the typical release covered by The Undiscovered, as the guitar plays a purely supporting role on the rock and alternative-style tunes with progressive leanings. However, in that context , it is nice to see what the guitarist (we believe it's Michael Bozzo, however musician credits are not included in the CD liner notes) does to support the material, which is quite strong. Sometimes guitarists into this genre of music need inspiration and direction on how to support the band as a whole, and listening to Gehelio Non-Centric's music will provide that in an entertaining way. Greg Fine is a talented vocalist, no doubt about it, and the band exudes an infectious energy throughout the eleven cuts. Well done.


Gehelio Non-Centric came together in the indian summer of 1996, two guitar playing cousins (Michael Bozzo and Anthony Mazzone) and a journeyman singer (Greg Fine) forming the band's nucleus. They began writing songs and performing, and have since performed all over New York City at Wetlands, Webster Hall, Elbow Room and Brownies to name a few. The group's music should appeal to fans of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and early Verve.

Entering their fourth year together, Gehelio Non-Centric is now a four piece band with designs on reaching the ears of many.

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