The Undiscovered: Gerry Magee

Gerry Magee


Original Jazz/Rock Arrangements Fuel New Release

Scottish guitarist Gerry Magee has recently completed work on his debut solo album, entitled The Middle Pillar. The promo CD-R version of his release features rock/jazz arrangements as well as chamber orchestra, female choir and other instrumentation. Magee wrote, arranged, conducted, recorded, produced and packaged the release himself. The Middle Pillar is largely improvisational in its approach, incorporating plenty of flipped-out blasts of fusionry guitar playing over both avant-garde backing tracks ("Angel Dust"), jazz/funk ("Interterrestrial Tongues") and traditional crunch ("Sisterly Lust"). Magee exhibits some potential to leverage his compositional bent into film scoring or soundtrack work in the future.


Gerry has been teaching guitar privately for five years to students of all styles and abilities. Prior to recording The Middle Pillar, he performed as a guitarist and composer for the group Serenade on their second release, The 28th Parallel. Gerry attended Strathclyde University from 1994-1998 receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music. He has also played in a Contemporary Classical Guitar Quartet, performing works by Hume, Debussy, Bach and Haydn, as well as performing the works of Miles Davis, Joe Satriani, Michael Hedges and others in solo guitar recitals.

Magee would like to achieve recognition as an all round musician as well as a guitarist, while continuing as a composer, marketing and releasing his own product. He would also like to become involved in session work and teaching at a national level.

Contact Information

Gerry Magee
11 Reelick Quadrant
Glasgow G13 4ND