The Undiscovered: Hans Bostrom

Hans Bostrom


Swedish Guitarist Plans To Leverage Skills

Swedish-born guitarist Hans Bostrom recently submitted a five song demo cassette of instrumental compositions ironically entitled How You Shouldn't Play Guitar. The irony is that while Bostrom has a highly developed technical command of the fretboard, he has to continue to develop to shake his strongest influence, which seems to be Greg Howe. On several tracks, such as "Evil Laserlord" and "Till Fredrik", you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two guitarists in the solo sections of the songs. So while being compared to Howe is definitely high praise, Bostrom's number one goal should be to stake his own original territory on the guitar. I believe Bostrom has the desire and will to pull it off, and should blow us all away in five years.


Hans began playing guitar at the age of sixteen. His musical influences included the Johansson brothers (Jens and Anders), Meshuggah, Jonas Hellborg and Shawn Lane. He relocated to Minnesota and just recently graduated from the one year guitar program at Music Tech in Minneapolis. Hans loves playing in odd times and with polyrhythms and he strives to inject humor into his musical creations.

Bostrom's future plans are to move back to Sweden in May of 1999, and find some good musicians to play with. He is also open to the idea of collaborating with another guitarist on writing or recording.

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Hans Bostrom
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