The Undiscovered: Howard Hart

Howard Hart


Creative Self-Indulgence And Adventurous Guitar Playing

Taking his cue from such work as Steve Vai's "Flex-Able" and Mike Keneally's "hat", California guitarist Howard Hart has released Dancing Madly Backwards, a 12-selection instrumental CD consisting of high-energy electric tracks and a few other-worldly acoustic numbers. An 'exotic little slice of home studio recording,' to quote Hart, Dancing Madly Backwards satisfies on several levels. Hart uses numerous guitar tones and an advanced sense of dynamics to express emotions and moods on songs such as "Purusha" (which was inspired by Indian music) and "Suspension Of Disbelief", a track in which Hart rips and snorts with bursts of guitar mayhem over carefully sequenced backing material. Forgoing "commercial potential" for simply producing good guitar music, Hart's Dancing Madly Backwards should certainly make it to your CD 'want' list.


Guitarist Howard Hart first became interested in the guitar at age eight, heavily influenced by his older brothers' Led Zeppelin collection. Later he found inspiration in Jeff Beck's rock/fusion explorations and he also became a huge fan of Frank Zappa's eclectic guitar style and compositional originality. After spending several years in the club circuit, Howard decided to build his own studio and concentrate on writing and producing. He then released three successful tapes and his most recent CD, Dancing Madly Backwards.

Along with his current projects, Hart teaches over fifty students a week and plans to develop an audio/video home instructional course based on his methods.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 1745
Carlsbad, CA 92018
United States