The Undiscovered: Inner Resonance

Inner Resonance


Stretching The Progressive Rock Envelope

With their debut album, Solar Voices, Inner Resonance has made a strong emergence into the progressive rock arena. Their first release, which was self-produced and recorded in guitarist Jeffrey Ryan Smoots' digital home-studio, demonstrates a level of musicianship and maturity rarely heard on a first effort. Of course, Smoots is no novice either--his solo release "Wings Of Gold", under the J.R.S. monniker, was picked up by Moonchild Records. Inner Resonance teams Smoots with vocalist/keyboardist Peter Orullian, and their 10 track CD features songs in the tradition of Dream Theater, Queensryche, and Rush. Plenty of guitar pyrotechnics await the progressive rock fan on Solar Voices, as Smoots rocks hard through the instrumental sections of the longer pieces. A fine taste of things to come.


Peter Orullian and Jeff Smoots have been in a number of bands, and have combined efforts in Inner Resonance after a long search for the right chemistry. Jeff is a guitar instructor and studio engineer, as well as a solo artist. Peter is an author and editor and has studied voice with David Kyle for four years.

Inner Resonance's goal is to contribute significantly to the progressive rock genre. They would like to stretch the envelope, while utilizing all the best elements of the current trends. Progressive rock is not a staple of American radio. However, the duo believes there is an audience for considered songwriting by talented and trained musicians, and they intend to seek it out, perhaps raising awareness in the mass audience about the
merits of progressive rock, which is really just good music.

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Inner Resonance c/o Peter Orullian
PMB #264
914 164th Street SE B12
Mill Creek, WA 98012
United States

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