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Tossing together elements of jazz, jam and progressive/psychedelic rock, Jam Camp has released Live, a CD packed with seventy minutes of way cool improvisations with two guitarists - David Broyles and Michael "Smitty" Smith (wonder where he got that nickname?) Recorded over three days of performances - April 1, June 2, and July 24, 2006 - this Washington band transports you to front row center as you enjoy their many flights of fancy. Plenty of Steven Munger's saxophone soloing can also be heard, but since he's outnumbered 2 to 1 by the six-stringers - well, you do the math. Live will give your judgmental, pigeonholing, been-there-done-that, deja vu psyche a good kick in the rear, as you come to the realization that there are still players out there doing what comes best - ignoring trends and having fun making music.


A passion for making music and sharing the experience with good friends was the impetus that began the regular studio-based jam sessions that evolved into Jam Camp. From a fluid line-up of awesome NW musicians, a stable and startlingly original ensemble emerged and was officially dubbed Jam Camp in 1989. This is a band that creates musician's music: fusionesque rock improv in the vein of The Allman Brothers, Zappa, Crimson, Soft Machine, Brand X and Traffic. Jam Camp grooves, embracing a "live" feel-based approach to music appealing to fans of Prog, Rock, Jazz and Jam alike. The real thing - "Super Session" magic like you used to hear when rock experimentation was mainstream fare.

Enjoy a band that really enjoys music. Experience synchronous musical epiphany.

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