The Undiscovered: Jaquie Gipson

Jaquie Gipson


Solo Fingerstyle Guitarist Taps Into Her Talent

The title of Jaquie Gipson's new CD, Just Guitar, accurately describes the music on the album, since all but two tracks feature two hands and one acoustic guitar and were recorded without the aid of technical magic. In fact, all the tracks on Just Guitar were performed live and solo in the studio, clearly reflecting Gipson's technical excellence and preparation for recording. The album contains everything from traditional fingerstyle songs ("The Last Days Of Summer", "Going Down In Lilac Time") to modern, rhythmic double tapping ("Acoustic Cantor", "No Parking"). Each of the fifteen original compositions on Just Guitar carry Gipson's individual musical stamp.


Jaquie began playing the guitar at the age of 14 and has never looked back. With a degree in music as her foundation and a bevy of influences including Michael Hedges, Leo Kottke and other fingerstyle guitarists, Jaquie has forged her own unique style. Her musical forays range from traditional acoustic fingerstyle music to a modern two-hands-on-the-neck approach to her original arrangements. Jaquie sometimes plays the strings as though they were the keys on a piano, combined with percussive rhythms drummed out on various parts of the guitar body.

With the release of Just Guitar, Gipson is realizing her goal to actively stretch the boundaries of the guitar, in a continuous search to find fresh and new ways to express herself on the instrument.

Contact Information

Jaquie Gipson
TapaString Music
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