The Undiscovered: Jaye Foucher

Jaye Foucher


Progressively Minded Guitarist Blends Metal, Funk & Rock

Massachusetts guitarist Jaye Foucher's 10-song debut recording Infectious Licks stands as the opening salvo in the war on pedestrian instrumental releases. Her CD straddles the progressive-hard rock line while focusing on assertive, melodic guitar lines and propulsive rhythm work. Each cut on Infectious Licks explores a unique sonic groove, keeping things interesting throughout the record. On "Epic", memorable riffs and a crunchy rhythmic throb distinguish this prog-metal workout, while on "September", acoustic guitars support fluid electric stylings and a fleet-fingered lead break. Foucher has created a searing, head-turning album showcasing her technical strengths on the guitar and her developed sense of dynamic songwriting.


Jaye, raised in the suburbs of Boston, was trained in classical piano as a child, but picked up the guitar one summer and never glanced back. She spent four years of intense study with private instructors before attending GIT (Musician's Institute) in California, where she graduated at the top of her class in 1989. Before recording Infectious Licks, Jaye worked with scores of hard rock and metal bands, gaining plenty of recording and writing and live playing experience in the process. She's appeared in Guitar Player magazine, Guitar magazine, UPN News, New England Cable News and on the cover of New England's Metronome Magazine. Jaye currently endorses Jackson guitars, ADA amplification, GHS Strings and DiMarzio pickups.

Foucher is currently writing material for her next album, and she's also putting together a second band with a songwriter/vocalist--a very different project which will be more song and vocal oriented.

Contact Information

Red Plaid Music
22 Addison Road, Suite B.
Waltham, MA 02154-5703
United States