The Undiscovered: Jeffrey Halford & The Healers

Jeffrey Halford & The Healers


Street-Wise, Acoustic/Electric Roots Rock

Robust, commanding acoustic guitar, greasy slide licks, scorched National Resolectric work, bright Telecaster tones and road-honed vocals. All these elements and more give Jeffery Halford & The Healers new CD, Hunkpapa, its characteristic personality and color. Favoring a storytelling songwriting style and stripped-down arrangements, the music ranges from rowdy romps such as "Memphis", "Crazy Horse" and "Black Gold", to songs that create a near-nightmarish, surreal environment such as ".44". The feel can go from an early Creedence or Allman Brothers flavor to a 'Led Zeppelin III' vibe, when Jimmy Page seemed to rediscover his acoustic axe. Halford's vocals seem to compliment the material perfectly, singing in a somewhat lower register than a lot of his contemporaries, which suits roots/blues/rock music to a 'T'. For a great example of how to fit righteous guitars in with quality songwirting, pick up a copy of Hunkpapa - and learn how it's done.


Born in Texas, Jeffrey grew up in and around Oakland, playing on the streets and working in blues bands. He also has been writing songs about as long as he's been playing guitar. Contributing to his songs content is the fact that Jeffrey moved over a dozen times growing up, which many believe is the secret behind writers in the roots/Americana genre. He is quite formidable on guitar, but has more in mind for his current projects. "I've always been a guitar head but this band is about songs," Halford explains. "The band brings a lot to the music. Some nights my guitar is raging. Sometimes I just get in the groove."

Halford and band plan to hit various clubs and festivals in order to promote the music on Hunkpapa. Several dates are lined up for April, and they will make an appearance at the Bear Valley Music Festival in California in late July.

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