The Undiscovered: Jeffrey Ryan Smoots

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots


Guitarist Blends Progressive & Neo-Classical Influences

Washington State-based guitarist Jeffrey Ryan Smoots is currently marketing his debut CD-R, entitled Less Is More. The disc features a total of twelve tracks of melodic, guitar-driven hard rock with progressive and neo-classical influences. The album also features the powerhouse drumming of David Beardsley. In addition to the extraordinary guitar playing by Smoots throughout the record, each composition displays an attention to song structure and instrumental dynamics, making for some highly listenable tracks. Instrumental fans will love the ambitious, neo-classical opening tune, "The Introduction". Freer, more inventive bass work and a highly individual lead singer would help take Smoots' debut into the heavyweight category of '90s progressive metal.


Jeffrey's father was a musician so guitars, basses and keyboards were strewn about the house from the time he was born. Jeffrey strummed guitars since he was big enough to hold them, but it wasn't until he turned thirteen that he began serious study and realized his natural talent for music. Influenced by the band Rush, Jeffrey has been playing consistently ever since, developing as a composer and a musician. He hopes that by releasing his music independently, he can begin to work his way into the music business, whether through sales of his own music, composing for others, or playing for others. Jeffrey firmly believes he can bring some happiness to others through sharing his musical uniqueness.

Smoots is currently planning a new project with his progressive rock band, Inner Resonance. Their first release, to be entitled "Solar Voices", is due to be completed in the fall of 1998.

Contact Information

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots
4528 Grand Avenue
Everett, WA 98203
United States