The Undiscovered: Jill Yan

Jill Yan


Swiss Guitarist Plans Instrumental CD

Guitar Garbage is the title of the three-song CD-R demo now circulating by Swiss guitarist Jill Yan. Describing his own music as "a mix of heavy groovin' music and instrumental music, simply H.I.G.M.--hardcore instrumental guitar music", the tracks are anything but guitar 'garbage'. Possessing a formidable technique, Yan employs 'space-rock' guitar embellishments in places to add spice to his compositions, and tosses hot-wired solos around like a baseball pitcher tosses fastballs. Augmented on the demo by drummer Alexandre Brun and bassist Xavier Hafner, the songs "Techexperience", "Not This Way" and "Spanish Dolphin" leave the listener wanting more--hopefully Yan will book more studio time to flush out a more complete guitar vision.


Jill began playing guitar over fourteen years ago. The guitarist attended the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood for one year, and since then, has played in a variety of groups covering many styles, including progressive rock, pop, heavy metal and jazz-fusion. Jill began recording songs for his demo CD about a year and a half ago, and his goal was simple: to play what felt natural, not to think through the music, but to let the music come to him.

Yan's plans are to play live as much as possible, and he hopes to have a full-length CD ready to release by the end of the year.

Contact Information

Jill Yan
C/O Gilles Theraulaz
2 bd Carl-Vogt
CH-1205 Geneve