The Undiscovered: Joe Bochar

Joe Bochar


Guitarist Blends Rock, Funk And Metal With Relentless Intensity

Joe Bochar's latest CD, Anvilhead, embodies the essence of what instrumental guitar is all about. Lacking lyrics, instrumental music has to engage the listener's brain using a combination of melody, dynamics and unpredictability. Anvilhead may not be the most melodic disc at times, but certainly makes up for it in the areas of dynamics and musical surprises. Bochar plays with an abandon few instrumentalists dare to attempt, and goes all out to make sure each song bears his unique musical stamp. From the funky backbeats of "Fleshtones" to the psychotic phrasings of "Burned Beyond Recognition", Bochar's music will have you hitting the repeat button on your CD player in order to relive his insane intensity and energy.


A self-taught guitarist, Joe first picked up the instrument at age fifteen, began playing outdoor festivals two years after that, and decided to sport a solo shot at twenty-three. To achieve his goals, Bochar built a home studio and seriously began to pursue a career in the songwriting/recording industry. Joe's performance and style certainly exude a love for what he does, and the results evident on Anvilhead support and demonstrate that ardor.

Buzz magazine has described the music on Anvilhead as, "arresting quasi-funk metal instrumentations that come across as real barrages, consistently holding your interest through Joe's vibrant guitar playing." Let's just hope this CD is the first of many to come from Bochar's personal studio.

Contact Information

RHP Productions
P.O. Box 6572
Providence, RI 02940
United States